Can You Make Come Taste Good?

September 24, 2014

Some women have been known to say that every man tastes different when it comes to giving head and well… swallowing. The famous episode in Sex And The City demonstrates this query well when Samantha tries to make her man’s ‘funky tasting spunk’ more appealing and commences on a mission to change the bitter taste left in her mouth by taking her man to raw food bars. But what is it exactly that effects the taste of a man’s come? We look into ways you can change the taste and foods you should avoid if you don’t want her to turn her nose up at your spunk.

Coffee And Beer

Our lives would falter dramatically if we didn’t grab that morning coffee, but too much consumption is said to make semen taste bitter and unappealing. The same applies for beer, the heightened oxidants are said to give a nasty taste. Shame that often these two are men’s favourites on the menu. But if you want your semen to be her favourite on the menu too, keep beer drinking and coffee swigging to a minimum.

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Smoking rarely gets any good press for its damage to our health, but did you know the pollutants in a cigarette can affect the taste of your semen? It can also heighten impotence and infertility, just another reason why you should stub out that cigarette for good.


Water is fantastic for the digestive system, brain functioning and the circulatory system. It also helps to lighten the taste of semen when you ejaculate. Try to drink 1-4 litres a day.
Cinnamon, Peppermint and Cardamon

These may not be typical food groups, but drinking peppermint tea or putting some cinnamon on your morning latte can make your semen actually taste sweet!

Junk Food

Are you watching the lbs? Well, there is one more reason to keep away. Junk food, such as food high in grease actually affect the taste of semen, the preservatives and pollutants can give the semen an unpleasant taste and also of course leave you feeling uncomfortable and bloated.


Garlic is one to watch on a date for kissing, but here is another reason why not to order those delicious looking garlic mushrooms, the high sulphur in garlic content actually makes them detrimental to your taste of your come.

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Dairy and Red Meat

Red meat, such as beef and lamb and dairy products such as cheese and full fat milk are the biggest offenders when it comes to altering the taste of semen, apparently they make semen taste salty, opt for lean protein such as turkey and chicken if you are needing a high protein diet for your weight lifting or training regime, they will still give you the protein you need, without the nasty effect on the taste of your come.


When it comes to taste of spunk and its association with vegetable eating, people sit on the fence. It is considered vegetarians in general have better tasting spunk but there are still some to avoid, such as cabbage, broccoli and asparagus, which as many of you may know effects the smell of your pee as well.


Herbs such as parsley, wheatgrass and celery, because of their high chlorophyll content affect the taste of come, making it taste sweeter and lighter.


Pineapple, papaya and cranberry – which of course is recommended also for its fantastic anti-oxidant properties for the urinary system also have a high natural sugar content, making semen taste much sweeter and pleasant. So stock up your fruit bowl to really make an impression on her.

It’s true that sperm varies in taste so make sure you are eating all the right foods and you will find her coming back for more!

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