Can You Really Make Any Woman Squirt?

May 19, 2017

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Squirting is something of a fantasy for many people. It is extremely popular in porn, with so many videos showing women squirting all over the place. There are even squirt compilations for those who love watching it. However, these squirts are often faked.

Even though it is faked in porn, some are insistent that it is definitely real in normal sex lives. There seems to be this belief that absolutely any woman is capable of it if you have the right skills. Yes, any woman. So… can you really make any woman squirt and what even is squirting?

What is squirting?

Squirting is basically female ejaculation. Yes, women can ejaculate to. Sometimes referred to as gushing, it is when liquid gushes forth during orgasm. It is said to be far more intense than a normal orgasm, with some claiming that it is a full body orgasm that has left them tingling from head to toe.

People are, of course, very sceptical. Some think that it is just that the woman has pissed during sex and is claiming it is ejaculation to cover it up. This isn’t helped by the fact that, in porn, there is a lot of fake gushing where water is squirted into the pussy to be forced out on cue.

For those women who have experience with squirting, they say that it is only a small amount of fluid, and that it isn’t like the gush you see in porn. It is for some, but most say that it is a small amount. For this reason, it has been heavily questioned by many people, with many claiming that it is just pee and not ejaculate of any kind.

Views on gushing

Needless to say, views on gushing are mixed. There are some who think that it is a hell of a kinky fantasy, and they are really eager to see it happen. They will try anything and everything to get there.

There are even websites out there claiming that you can make any woman squirt if you have the right technique. Of course, the majority of these websites are then trying to sell you on the right technique. “Hey! You can make any woman gush! You just need to pay for our instructions to tell you how to do it!”

And for this reason, most believe that it is simply a myth. However, there are a number of other reasons that we don’t talk much about squirting. For many, it just seems wrong. Back in 2014 gushing was one of the many sex acts banned from UK produced porn. So is it a myth or isn’t it?

The right technique

Whether you believe it is real or not, there seems to be a tried and tested technique that most squirters claim works for them. The first step is to make sure your partner is totally relaxed. If they are at all tense, it won’t work.

The second key to it is to focus on the g-spot. The g-spot is supposed to be the sweet spot for getting a woman to cum so hard that she squirts all over the place. Many find that it is easier to get a woman to ejaculate if you use your fingers, as it is easier to rub at the g-spot this way.

However, it is also possible with a cock, if you are the perfect length. If not, fingers work wonders. Just rub at the g-spot with firm strokes and, in theory, she’ll start to gush. Maybe not like Niagara Falls, but enough that you’ll feel fantastic for it!

Can any woman squirt?

So is it really possible to make any woman squirt? I’m not so sure. While it seems like a fun thing to do, the differences between reports of it in real life and the things you see in porn are enough to put people off. Plus, some believe that it is just the wetness of your pussy from foreplay leaking out in a strange way.

What do you think? Is it really possible to make absolutely any woman gush or is it simply a myth? We want to hear from you. Leave your thoughts on this in the comment box below!

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