Cat-Call Experiment Video Goes Badly Wrong!

November 7, 2014

A woman in Auckland, New Zealand decided she was going to replicate a New York viral video where numerous guys wolf whistled, and basically harassed the lady. However, there was a problem with this video; no-one at all chatted her up!

The 26 year old female model and yoga instructor obviously thought she was going to expose the Auckland guys as perverts and degenerates. However, it seems that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Only two men approached Nicola Simpson; both were well mannered and one was only asking for directions.

New York Video

The original video in New York saw actress Shoshana Roberts harassed in the street by about 100 salivating men.

In total she encountered many instances of verbal harassment during the 10 hours walking around the city.

These instances didn’t include winks, whistles and other non-verbal harassment.

At one point the woman was followed for more than five minutes by a rather creepy stranger – and at another point she was aggressively harangued by a man trying to force his phone number on her.

The original Auckland video received over 900,000 views.

A Big Debate

Firstly, there are quite a few people who have questioned why she actually performed this stunt. It was hardly original, and many think it was done solely to make Auckland guys look like assholes.

Now why she never hit on also caused debate. Many have pointed out that the fact the woman wasn’t harassed by numerous guys says a lot about the class of Auckland guys, who chose not to objectify her. However, at least in the brain-dead world of Youtube, there is a flipside to that coin.

Many have questioned whether she is actually that attractive? Is she REALLY that good looking so to get 100 guys chatting her up? To be fair, even though that argument isn’t really that pleasant, they kind of have a point. She is decent enough looking, but in my time I have visited numerous Stockholm escorts who have blown her out of the water.

Now I am not going to say why I think this experiment ‘failed’ (if the plan was to get guys to chat her up of course) It could be that Auckland guys are some of the classiest in the planet, or it could be merely the fact that she wasn’t that fanciable. I have no idea!

Final Thoughts

One last thing; would she have got more attention if she was wearing skimpier clothes? It is an interesting thought

What do you think? Was wasn’t she hit on? Is what she tried to do moral or an insult to the men of Auckland? Let us know in the comments section below!

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