Celeb Sex Dolls – Are They a Good Idea?

December 7, 2016

Scarlett Johannson doll

I was always a big fan of Futurama. No, not the horrifically dumbed down version of Futurama which came back after the break, but the good one. You know, the time when Fry found out that despite his brother always teasing him, he did love him and missed him when he went missing. And don’t get me on to the one where Fry’s dog Seymour waited for him every day from when Fry was frozen, to the day the loyal dog died. Actually, I’m trying to forget that one as it makes me tear up.

I always liked the way Futurama looked at the way future could actually be. One episode that stood out to me is when Fry was able to get a robot version of Lucy Lui, who not only seemed human, but you could have sex with her also. Ever since I have worked in the sex industry, it has become apparent how close we are getting to this, hence why I was not surprised at this latest story, where sex dolls that look like celebs are in the pipeline.

A Real Demand Celeb Sex Dolls

David Levy, author of Love and Sex with Robots, said the demand was “absolutely” there.

Although sex doll companies will need to ask for the image rights from celebs, Levy doesn’t think that there will be any problem at all. In fact, he thinks A-listers would be delighted to give their consent.

Levy explained: “If you’re Angelina Jolie and there’s a company manufacturing a high-quality product, and you’re getting a royalty of $2000 — $3000 for each one, you could make even more millions than you’ve got just by licensing your appearance.”

He also believes that the technology is there to make the project work. You just need a photograph of the person is question to start the process. After that, next generation computer programs will be able to create a 3D model of the celeb made out of silicone.

Are These Sex Dolls a Good Idea?

However, some people have stated that even though we could do it, they question whether we should do it. They visualise teen losing their virginities to sex robots, getting addicted, seeing sex as one way consent thing, and basically turning a generation into psychopaths. It is actually quite fascinating.

It does make sense when you think about it. We are a bit older, so we may just use them for some fun, but how would it affect those uninitiated, as of yet, in sex?

However, there are some other fantastic reasons these celeb sex dolls could be a good thing. It would actually make a threesome fun, without the feelings of guilt and possible recrimination that usually come after them in the ‘real world’. And that is just the start of it. And end to STI’s maybe, as the need for promiscuous sex will be averted?

So come on. Do you think these sex dolls are a good idea? Or will it send people a bit weird? Is it just plain creepy? You can cast your vote in the poll below. I am fascinated to see what you have to say.

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