Charlie Sheen in HIV Revelation

November 17, 2015

So, Charlie Sheen has announced he is HIV positive. It marks just the latest chapter in the life of a man who has seen seen sex, drugs and partying dominate his lifestyle. Are people upset this has happened? Yes. Are they surprised? Certainly not.

A Long History

Most of us had heard the stories. Charlie met his first sex worker when he was 15 (by stealing his Dad’s credit card) By 17 he had been expelled from school.

The son of movie legend Martin Sheen, he was raised on location and was a 1980’s sensation. He achieved huge plaudits for his roles in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Platoon, and went on to play a starring role in Wall Street.

A rocky marriage to Donna Peele followed and in 1995, he testified at the trial of Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss’ tax evasion case where he admitted he spent $53,000 on ‘sexual services’.

However, despite troubled times, he signed up to play ‘Uncle Charlie’ in smash hit ‘Two and a Half Men’, which would go on to make him the highest paying star on TV. He also married Denise Richards

However, despite his on-screen success, things were still spiralling out of control in his private life. He ended up divorcing Richards, who complained about his gambling, drugs and erratic behaviour. He married Brooke Mueller in 2007, but the relationship went the same way.

His life then started to go downhill professionally. A much publicised meltdown saw him fired from Two and a Half Men. All the while he was having sex with numerous porn stars, including Bree Olsen.

In recent times, things have got worse. It is rumoured that despite knowing he had HIV, Charlie continued to see girls without telling them.

“Charlie had sex with multiple partners since learning his HIV status without informing them of his potentially deadly HIV infection,” one source is alleged to have told The National Enquirer.

Yes, that us rumour, but if it is true, it isn’t very good to say the least. There is already talk of huge lawsuits against him from the affected women. It should be stated, he has totally denied this.

His hard life seems like it is about to get much harder.

The Future?

This all seems very unpleasant. But what does the future hold?

It has to be said, Charlie Sheen is HIV Positive, he doesn’t have AIDS. What was once a death sentence can be treated with drugs. These aren’t the days when you heard that a star had HIV, and a few years later, they were dead. People can now live a long and fruitful life with the disease.

However, there is I feel a real layed back approach to HIV these days. People were having safe sex in the 80’s and 90’s as the alternative was to be in a box in the future. Now I feel people are seeing it as something manageable, so the need to have safe sex is reduced.

It has to be said, I’m not sure how this will affect how people look back on his life and his career. Take his ‘Two and a Half Men’ show. That was basically Charlie Sheen playing Charlie Sheen. We all laughed at the fact he would just party and have sex with anything that moves. His carefree attitude actually made many men jealous. The fact we knew that this was how Charlie actually lived arguably made it more interesting?

How will this be viewed now? Will people now watch that programme through their fingers, knowing full well what happened to the actor? I have no idea, but some may now see this as car crash. Others will see it as just a TV programme, but as a side note, I find that fascinating

Finally, this is a very vital time for Charlie Sheen. In general, his life seems to have been going down the toilet. Pardon the pun, but there is a chance to make a positive out of this.

Charlie Sheen could now become a voice for sexual health; he could help those from all around the world who are affected with the disease, many of whom don’t have access to the top line drugs western populations traditionally have.

Sometimes we are fed lemons and we have to make lemonade. We wish Charlie Sheen and anyone else who has been affected by these events all the best for the future.

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