New Study Says Cheating Not Just About Sex!

March 6, 2018

man cheating on his girlfriend

It has to be said, many of us have cheated on our partners. Whether that is a kiss in a nightclub or a fell blown affair is one for our own memory banks. Still it is safe to say that at at least one point in our life we have likely engaged in behaviour which if our partner found out about, we would be in serious trouble.

It has always been presumed that an affair has been about sex. Those who are promiscuous would always be more likely to cheat it seemed. However, a recent study says the reasons people cheat are more complicated and diverse than what was previously presumed. And believe it or not, the motivations for women cheating actually matches that of men.

An Extensive Survey

A survey of 500 people who had cheated found the top five reasons for women doing it related to lack of emotional intimacy (84 per cent), lack of communication between partners (75 per cent), tiredness (32 per cent), a history with sex or abuse (26 per cent), and a lack of interest in sex with their current partner (23 per cent).
For men, the reasons were a lack of communication between partners (68 per cent), stress (63 per cent), sexual dysfunction with their current partner (44 per cent), a lack of emotional intimacy (38 per cent) and fatigue or being chronically tired (31 per cent).

What we can take out of that is that if you have difficulty genuinely communicating with your partner, or they don’t make you feel valued, you may be more likely to stray. This is far away from the stereotype of oversexed people not being able to keep it in their pants.

Does This Say Something About the Escort Industry?

I do wonder if this could be extrapolated into the escort industry. I have always thought that the reason people see escorts is because they are hot and the guys feel like kids in a candy shop. In fact, if this affair logic is to be followed, the reasons people visit escorts could well be more nuanced than expected.

In the end, it is often difficult to get out of clients why they see escorts. It is a lot easier, as a guy to speak in a masculine way about wanting to cheat or see escorts because they are good looking. Examining our own insecurities or looking at how things are at home seems a bit too introspective for many.

One thing can’t be denied though, no matters the reasons, people will cheat on their partners, and see escorts for as long as I can foresee. There is an innate need for men and women to have an ‘itch scratched’ and that won’t be taken away by moralising figures in the media. As ever, my tip would be to see escorts as the person you are with is less likely to find out about it and get hurt. That is compared to the ‘jilted’ or ‘guilty’ lover you may meet in everyday life.

Of course it is better to sort out issues at home to make sure you are really happy. I like to think of escorts as an added extra in life, not as a substitute for something that is lacking elsewhere.

But lets get back to those reasons. Why do you see escorts? You can answer in the comments box below.

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