Couple Filmed Having Death Defying Sex on Roof (Video)

June 15, 2018

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Here at XEscorts, we always talk about the importance of safe sex. We all know sex is fun, but the problems if you are reckless can be unpleasant, if not deadly. When we mention these truths, it is basically about using a condom. However, the same could be said to these idiots who decided it was a good idea to have sex on a sloping roof.

A pair in Lviv, Ukraine, have been filmed dicing with death on the sloped roof of a four-storey building.


Throughout the encounter, the pair looked in grave danger of crashing to the floor and ending up dead. Still, at no point did it seem like it bothered them in the slightest.

The cameraman, who was filming from another building can be heard egging them on throughout.

“Go for it, go for it!,” he can be heard shouting, whilst other are heard chuckling also.

The video was originally posted on his Facebook profile. He stated:

“From there opens a beautiful view of the old Lviv, but this young couple was clearly not interested…

“As soon as the lovers noticed the audience, they rushed very quickly. But the main thing is that everyone is alive.”

In the end, that is all that matters. Yes, we have a funny viral video, but it doesn’t end up as some snuff movie. If they want to risk their own lives having sex, then all power to them. If it ends up badly, it is on them.

It certainly beats the French couple who decided to have sex on top of a castle in France in 2015. They were later discovered on the ground, in a state of undress, after falling 40 feet to their death.

The couple, who were in their early thirties apparently fell into the moat from the walls surrounding the castle at the Vauban Fort on the island of Chausey Archipelago.

Police in the area told French Le Figaro newspaper that it was possible the pair were engaging in “lovemaking that could have gone wrong”.

Be Sensible!

See, these dangerous sexcapades look a lot of fun, but at the risk of sounding glib, when our French friends were falling through the air I doubt they were thinking ‘well, that was worth it’.

Remember to stay safe folks. If the only way you can have exciting sex is to do it in death defying places, then you are doing it wrong. There are plenty of good sex tips to make the experience go with a bang. And boy, does that bang not be the sound of your entwined bodies hitting the floor.

That seems simple enough!

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