The Difference Between Good Sex And Great Sex

September 15, 2016

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On the spectrum of sex, we’ve all had the kind of sex that we definitely do not want to have again. It is bad… so bad that we would rather not have sex instead. We’ve also had plenty of good sex… the kind of stuff that we would be okay with enjoying in the future. However, what we all really want is the kind of amazing sex that leaves us breathless. We don’t just want good sex. We want great sex.

However, many people find it difficult to tell the difference between good sex and great sex. They think that they are one and the same, or they simply aren’t sure what it is that they need to do to make good sex into great sex. That is why, here on the XEscorts blog, we take a look at the difference between good sex and great sex.

Confidence is key

When we get into the bedroom with someone, we can feel a little uncertain. We aren’t always sure that we are hot and sexy enough to keep them satisfied, which can spoil our fun. We might also believe that the skills that we have just aren’t good enough for them.

There are a number of different things that you can do to make your skills in the bedroom better, but this doesn’t deal with the problem of confidence… which is one of the key things you need in order to turn good sex into great sex.

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When you are confident in your own ability, you appear to be much sexier to your partner. They will find you more attractive and will want to sleep with you more.

It also makes them feel better about the fact that you will actually know what you are doing in the bedroom. Instead of flailing around and just hoping that the pieces fall into place, you’ll believe that you know exactly what to do to please your partner. This confidence will come across and make you seem sexier to your sexy lady.

Enjoying the chemistry

Fucking for the sake of fucking is pointless. The whole point of having sex is that you enjoy it and you want it with your partner… otherwise it won’t feel as good. This is what separates great sex from sex that is just “eh”.

I want him... bad

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So you have to really be into sex… and you have to enjoy the chemistry. You know what we are talking about… that moment when you are struggling to keep your hands to yourself around your partner. You want that kind of intense passion, which all comes from the chemistry. So when you feel it, don’t ignore it. Enjoy it!

Caring about your partner’s pleasure

Sometimes in the bedroom you have to be a tiny bit selfish. It isn’t that you want to be a douche… it’s just that you know what you like, what turns you on, and how to get it. However, sometimes we can take things just a little bit too far.

Instead of trying to share the pleasure with our partner, we will try to keep it all for ourselves. We become so fixated on getting to our own orgasm that we can actually forget about the fact that our partner wants to enjoy it too. Good sex often means that our partner forgets that… while great sex? It is all about the pleasure of the partner.

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Take a moment in the bedroom to forget about what you want from sex. Instead, focus on your partner. If you have fucked them numerous times and think you know their body already, try to forget everything you think you know.

Pretend that you have never had the pleasure of fucking them before. This can really help you spice things up, as you will take the time to explore their body. You’ll get the chance to relearn their turn ons… and maybe even uncover a few that you didn’t actually know about. Plus, the pleasure you’ll get in return will make it totally worth it.

Not skipping foreplay!

Sometimes we get a little bit lazy in the bedroom. We just want to get on with it and have some fun, which means that we can skip the important parts of sex, such as foreplay.

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Foreplay should never be skipped. It is one hell of an important part of sex, and it is what makes it great. It ensures that your partner is turned on enough that they are dripping wet for you, and it gives you the chance to give them an orgasm or two before the real fun starts. So don’t skip it… even if you really want to fuck.

Be willing to experiment

The best way to spice things up in the bedroom and discover new things that can make sex great is to be willing to experiment. However, many of us believe that we know exactly what we want from sex… and so we never really want to try new things.

Trying new things is a fantastic way to open your horizons, but people are often too scared to do it. They might find the idea of trying some thing intimidating, and so wish to never do it.

Let the great experiment begin!!

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Trying to convince yourself to experiment more? A good way to do it is to take a leaf from Dr Pepper’s book: what’s the worst that could happen? When it comes to experimenting, the worst thing would be that you really do not enjoy it and find yourself turned off.

The best? You actually enjoy it and find something fun and sexy to do that can actually make you have great sex. That can’t be a bad thing, right? So take a chance in the bedroom. You might just uncover something that you love.

Communicating what makes great sex

If you want to have truly amazing and mind-blowing sex with your partner, you are going to have to be brave. This means that you are going to have to actually talk to your partner about what you enjoy the most in the bedroom. Believe it or not, this is one of the biggest struggles for many people, and it is keeping you away from great sex. So instead of worrying about what your partner might say, ask them what they love the most. It’ll give you the chance to have an open and honest conversation about sex.

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Do you think that you are enjoying the kind of hot and mind-blowing sex that you deserve, or do you think that you need to work harder at it in order to make it great? We want to hear from you. Let us know what you think the difference is between good and great sex by leaving a comment in the box below.

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