Django Unchained Star Held For Prostitution

September 16, 2014

For Daniele Watts, it was a normal day. She spent some time with her boyfriend, kissed him, and then went off to make a phone call to her father. The next thing she knew, she was in handcuffs and being detained on prostitution charges.

Lewd acts in car

The police received a phone call telling them that a couple were engaged in lewd acts in a car in a public area. Upon attending the scene, they found Daniele Watts leaving her boyfriend’s car and him driving away while she got on the phone and made a call to her father.

They asked her for some identification to follow up the call they received. The actress refused to show any, as she wanted to know why the police wanted to speak to her and what she had reportedly done wrong. Shortly afterwards, she found herself in handcuffs, accused of being a prostitute, and has been fighting back ever since.

Racial prejudice

Watts claims that the police mistook her for a prostitute because the boyfriend she was being affectionate with is white. The police apparently mistook her boyfriend as a punter or client because of his race, while Watts herself was seem as a prostitute or sex worker. As of yet, the police have not responded to the claims.

Conflicting stories

However, there have been some news reports that it was the actress who pulled the race card first, asking the police “do you know who I am?”. It has also been suggested that witnesses saw her and her boyfriend having sex in their car, which caused them to call the police. I can understand the thrill of public sex, but if they did engage, should they have kept it a bit safer?

Unfortunately, prejudice can be found everywhere. The escorts in Stockholm often face prejudice about what they do, and we all need to work together to stop it. In this situation, I find it hard to understand what has happened without evidence to prove it. Who do you believe? Is it even really a problem if people see sex workers and prostitutes? What is wrong with sex?

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