Doctors Give Out Measuring Tape So You Know Your Penis Size!

December 3, 2015

We all have things that we worry about in the bedroom. We might wonder if the position we choose is a little boring for our partner. We might also panic about the techniques we use and the kinky things that we whisper in the moment. One of the biggest worries for a lot of men, however, is whether their penis size is important. Plenty of men believe that they aren’t big enough for their partner.

We here on XEscorts have said many times that size really doesn’t matter to most people you sleep with, as instead it isn’t the size of your cock that matters but actually how you use it. When you have the right technique in bed you can get your partner to orgasm, whether you have a mammoth cock or not. That said, penis size and knowing just how big you are is important for one key reason. You need to make sure the condoms you get fit. On the blog we tell you about the doctors trying to help you get the right condom for you.

Safe sex

When you are having lots of hot and passionate sex, there are plenty of things that you will be thinking of. You might be wondering if your partner is having a good time, or if they are enjoying your fetish as much as you are.

One thing that is a big priority for most of us is just how safe the sex we are having is. Condoms are pretty much an essential for all of us, as they stop you catching or spreading an STI or STD.

The last thing that you want when you are fucking your partner hard and fast is to worry that you might have caught something. Condoms help to eliminate this risk. This means that, instead of panicking about what your partner has caught from you or possibly given to you, you can enjoy the intense feelings as you orgasm.

It might seem it at the time, but taking the risk really isn’t worth it. Curing yourself of STIs takes a long time, and for many of them you can’t have sex while on treatment. That’s definitely not something you want, so it is best to wrap your cock. Penis size really won’t matter if you have an STI!

Problems with condoms

One problem with condoms is that, sometimes, they break or slip off. There are so many different reasons for it, and a lot of the time it is simply because you buy the wrong type or don’t use it correctly.

A lot of friction can cause the condom to tear and break, which puts you and your partner at risk. Rough sex or a lack of lube can cause this, so a good way to prevent this from happening is to have some lube to hand just in case you need it.

However, a common problem that men encounter is that the condom will start sliding off during sex. This is often caused when you have bought the wrong sized condoms. You need the condom to fit snugly onto your cock, instead of being loose or too tight. Too tight means it is more likely to break, while too loose could result in it sliding off.

Buying the right sized condoms for you can be tricky. Some men like to buy large condoms, even if they might not fit properly, while others don’t wish to buy small as they feel embarrassed about it.

Swedish doctors are eager to help

The first step to getting condoms that fit you properly is to measure yourself. You could do this at home, but you might not know the best way to do it. Well, it seems that there is a clinic in Stockholm eager to help.

The clinic is offering special measuring tapes to their visitors so that they can measure their penis properly and see how they measure up. Once they know the size, men can then go out and buy condoms that will fit them properly without tearing or slipping off.

One of the nurses at the clinic, Eddie Sandstrom, spoke out about the move. “A common reason for a condom slipping off or breaking during sex is that you’ve bought the wrong size,” he said, when explaining just why they had their measuring tapes. He also explained how the tapes are different from others.

“On our measuring tape you get the measurement in millimetres and a few recommendations for condom types that are suitable,” Sandstrom shared, stating that the reason so many measure their cocks incorrectly is because they measure length instead of width. They hope that this new tape will help to ensure people are wearing the right condoms and enjoy sex more.

Penis size matters… to an extent

When we say that dick size doesn’t matter, we really do mean it. The length isn’t important to us, but men should be taking note of the width to ensure that they buy condoms to fit their cock.

It is currently a bit issue in Sweden at the moment, as gonorrhoea seems to be on the rise and chlamydia levels aren’t changing, despite the push to raise awareness of these sexually transmitted infections that you can catch.

So, if you are in Stockholm any time soon, you might want to pay a trip to the health clinic. You might find that you have been wearing the wrong sized condom for a long time. You may think that it won’t make much of a difference, but you’ll notice immediately how much better sex feels when you have the right condom for your cock.

Have you measured your dick to see how wide it is, or do you already have the perfect condom for your cock? Let us know by leaving a comment in the box below.

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