Does Penis Size Really Matter?

March 12, 2016

It is probably one of the most talked about topics. Men in particular are constantly asking about the size of their cock. They want to know if their penis size really matters, or if the whole “size doesn’t matter” thing is actually true.

People say that “size doesn’t matter” all of the time. However, we tend not to believe it. People think that they just say it to be kind, and that they really want to have the biggest dick in the world to fuck. Here on the XEscorts blog we take an honest look at whether your penis size does matter, or if it really isn’t that big a deal.

Bigger is better, right?

For some people, size in the bedroom really is a big deal. They want to strip you down, taking in your sexy body, and see a cock that matches their expectations of you. Everyone builds up images in their head of the penis size they will see, and most of the time, we get it wrong.

However, that eye-opening moment when you see a big dick is one that you will remember. If you are the one wielding such a big weapon, you’ll love seeing their face when you do the big reveal.

A lot of men find that their penis size only matters for one thing, and that is their own self esteem. You want to leave the woman you are eager to fuck impressed, and for a lot of men out there the best way to do that is to pull out a cock so big it needs two hands to hold it.

There is also the belief that having a big dick will satisfy your partner more. You want to fill them, hearing them moan and say about how big you are, but your size can sometimes be a bad thing.

Big can be painful!

Size might seem like a fantastic thing to have in the cock department, but if you are too big, it can actually be really painful and make sex uncomfortable… which is definitely not what you are hoping for when you are getting down to business with a sexy lady!

Bustle recently asked 25 women if size did matter, and most of them immediately addressed the fact that too big can actually be incredibly painful. One said that she had “never thought size mattered” until she “was with someone with a HUGE penis and having sex became unbearable”.

Other women backed her up, stating that “too big is an issue” and that “that shit hurts!” While some said that bigger suited their body type, many of them said that their bodies didn’t really accommodate a huge dick, and that smaller was much better for them and a lot less painful.

It’s not the size, it’s how you use it

One thing that the 25 women all seemed to suggest was that, in most cases, the size didn’t matter, as long as you knew how to use it. One woman said that “guys with big dicks tend to rest on that”, not really bothering to “put much effort in to pleasing their partner”. She went on to say that it was almost as though they were saying “I have a big dick, what else do you want?”

Another woman agreed with this, stating that, in her experience, “men with even the smallest dicks know how to work them in a way that size doesn’t come into play”, suggesting that they had the right skills and knew their bodies well enough to make their penis size not a factor.

Looking through the rest of the responses from the 25 women, they seemed to agree. One even said that she would “say it’s more about the size of a man’s tongue”, highlighting that, to her, “oral sex is KEY” when it comes to satisfaction in the bedroom, and that penis size didn’t matter to her if he had skills in other areas of the bedroom.

Working on your skills in bed

The problem is that some people genuinely have no idea what they should be doing during sex. In my experience, those who come in lower on the cock size scale don’t actually know what they can do to make the sex as pleasurable as can be, simply going for it and hoping that their enthusiasm will be enough to get you off.

We wish that was the case, but it isn’t… so what can you do to make your penis size matter less that your skills in bed? For a start, take a look at the positions you use in bed. No matter where you are in the scale, there is a sex position for you. The bigger among you will find that the girl on top is better for her, as she can control the speed. This means it is a lot less likely to hurt. On the smaller side? Missionary is good, especially if you pull her legs up over your shoulders. This will allow you to slide your cock in that little bit deeper, and you can rub her clit from here to get her off.

As stated earlier, oral sex is a huge part of it. If you can get her off during foreplay, she will be more sensitive during sex. This means that your chances of getting her to cum increase, so work that tongue! Lick away at her pussy until she screams your name, and then try out one of the positions above to make sex even better.

Penis size is about personal preference

There is, unfortunately, no definitive answer to the “does penis size really matter?” question. We wish there was, but really, it is all a matter of preference. Some women enjoy a big dick, while others find them too pain. Some don’t actually care, as long as you can get them to orgasm.

If you don’t think you have the skills to get your partner to orgasm, that is where you need to start. Get her to lie down and try a little oral sex to see how your skills are. If you have a good amount of communication in your relationship, she will be more than happy to tell you what you need to do to improve!

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