How Not To Get Caught Seeing Escorts

April 26, 2019

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Anyone who visits our site knows that there are many different types of people who visit escort sites. Contrary to what the press has to say, it isn’t just losers who can’t meet people normally. You will find people from all walks of life and all social demographics going to see companions.

One of the main results of this is that you will have loads of clients really needing to keep their escort meetings private. Otherwise, their partners really won’t be happy, and relationships can come to a crashing halt.

There are however things you can do to help your odds of not getting caught. There are no guarantees of course, so that is something that everyone needs to cnsider before they decide to meet an escort.

For those of you who do want to increase your chances of not getting caught, here goes.

1) Use a Separate Phone

First and foremost, whenever you do anything escort related, use a separate phone. That is if you go to a website, or you make a phone call. This is called a ‘punting phone’.

This means that anyone who looks through your real phone will not find anything of interest. Remember, it is hard to deny anything when someone stumbles up our website and loads of strange phone numbers.

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2) Keep That Phone Somewhere Safe, and the Sim Card Removed

There is no point having a second phone knocking around for your partner to discover. Instead, keep the sim card out of it, and the phone itself somewhere safe. There are few things that will look dodgier than a random phone just lying around the house without its sim card. This phone not only needs to be private; it needs to be basically unfindable by anyone you don’t want to find it.

I don’t know where your safe place is, but you will all know a place where our partner never goes. I feel I should insert some sexist joke about the kitchen but won’t test my luck as my partner reads my stuff! In all seriousness, I know people who keep theirs in their desk at work as their partner will never go there.

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3) Incognito Mode on The Internet

This is one that catches many clients out. When you are looking at escort stuff on the internet, make sure you use incognito mode. This means that whatever you do on the internet, it isn’t stored. This stops your partner going on the laptop or desktop to use Facebook and being greeted with escort sites in the drop-down section of the search bar.

It is easy to do, as you only need two clicks to open up a new incognito window. Of course, others may use browsers other than Chrome, but each has their equivalent setting which are also easy to use. That is a lot easier than explaining why naughty sites are in your search history.

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4) Clear Your Search History

Before you do anything, clear your search history, and after you have looked on our site, clear it again. This will make sure that you will definitely not leave any traces of your visit.

I have heard of guys completely forgetting that they haven’t gone private, and then getting busted. It is easy to do, especially when you are looking at hot ladies (or men). This clearing of cookies and your browsing history just acts as a really important fail-safe, even if it isn’t needed. You can never be too careful.

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5) Use Cash and Withdraw in Instalments

You don’t want your financial transactions to be traced, and by using cards to make payments you leave a paper trail. Therefore, you need to use cash when you pay for your appointments.

Also, when you withdraw cash, don’t do it all at once. Take it out over the course of a few days. If you just withdraw a big wedge of money and you have nothing to show for it, if your partner looks at your account statement, you have questions to answer.

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6) Meet Escorts Well Away From Your Home

It is true that this may not be as convenient as meeting a companion from your immediate vicinity, but you should be willing to travel to neighbouring areas to meet your date.

The reason you should do this is that you don’t want anyone seeing you in a part of town that you have no reason to be in. If that gets out, you have a lot of explaining to do and the odds are you will do a poor job of it. Travelling a bit further afield will reduce the chances of that nightmare scenario becoming reality.

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In some Nordic countries, some of these tips will have added importance as buying sex is illegal. Also, there are campaigns to bring it in for other countries on this platform also. We have discussed how the Nordic model harms sex workers, but we have to deal with the reality of the situation in certain areas. So be careful.

Some of you may think a few of these are excessive. However, the alternative is a huge torpedo being put into the bow of your relationship. If these tips take mere minutes out of your time, wouldn’t it just be pure laziness not to use them?

Happy punting folks.

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