Durex Encourages Us To Lube Up During Sex!

January 25, 2019

Durex Encourages Us To Lube Up During Sex!

Our bodies are amazing things. They are capable of incredible acts, and yet there are also times when we feel as though our body has let us down. For example, during sex you might find that you are feeling a little dry, which makes it challenging to enjoy the sex you deserve.

In porn, the actors will just use spit. Considering that lube exists, I’m not sure why they would. Lube is better and is made for the purpose of making sex easier. It reduces the discomfort many of us face during sex and it can do many other things. So why aren’t we using it more?

Typical views on lube

I’ve been very open about my sex life. It’d be difficult being a sexpert and not talking about my own sex life. There’s nothing wrong with vanilla sex, but the vanilla sex I was having was unsatisfying. Orgasms were a rarity, if I ever had them, and I enjoyed three positions at most. Usually the default was missionary and that was it.

As for sex aids, they were non-existent. We’d have condoms and that would be it. My sex toys never came out, and one ex even suggested I get rid of my toys, since I had them instead. There’s a great deal of stigma around sex toys, but even more around lube.

Lube is widely available. Pretty much everywhere you’ll find condoms you’ll also find lube. Your local shop, your nearby sex clinic, even the safe sex packs you can get in some clubs. But people view lube as something for menopausal women or gay men. They don’t see it as an essential for all sex.

Lubrication is something many feel that they can just skip
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Why should people use lube?

We should always have lube to hand and be ready to use it during sex. There are tons of different reasons for it. For a start, it can actually help make sex safer. Lube means that the condoms you are using aren’t as likely to tear as a result of friction. Safe sex is the best sex, so lube up!

Still not convinced? While the vagina produces its own lubrication, particularly when aroused, sometimes this isn’t enough. The amount released can change throughout the cycle, so some days they’ll be wet enough and others they’ll be drier. Medication, stress, and many other factors can make it drier.

You should also use lube if you are engaging in any kind of sex where there is no natural lubrication. Anal, for example. No, the ass will not naturally get wet. Lube is the best way to slip in there, and it’ll also make sex more pleasurable and less painful. In other words, you should always have lube to hand.

Using lube enhances sex
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Durex wants us to lube up

Yesterday I was quite innocently scrolling through my social media feed when a video caught my eye. It was a sponsored post from Durex, saying that we need to make a stand against painful sex by using lube. I immediately went online and discovered that Durex are encouraging people to lube up during sex.

Yes, Durex are a company looking to make money from the products they sell. They also happen to sell lube as well as condoms, so they are biased in wanting people to use lube. However, they are also right. We need to start using lube during sex!

As the advert tells us, we have done a lot throughout the years. Many of us are now demanding the type of sex that we deserve instead of simply putting up with it. Yet people are still unsure about using lube. Durex are telling us that using lube during sex is not only okay, but something important that we definitely should be doing. Plus, the advert is great. Take a look!

Original source: Durex UK

Is lube an essential for you?

I have a lot of lube. My toy ‘chest’ (actually a suitcase) has a few different varieties. Normal, flavoured, tingle, heat. You name it, it is in there. I’ve also got a few convenient packets for travels and dirty weekends away. Basically I’m prepared for all occasions.

Lube is an essential for me. I like to use it during sex because it makes it more comfortable for me. It also helps to heighten the sensations I feel. Am I alone in this? Let me know how you feel about lubrication and what you think about the Durex advert in the comments below.

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