High Street Stores And Supermarkets Selling Sex Toys!

November 1, 2018

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Buying sex toys used to be a sneaky business. You had to either go online or visit a sex shop on the high street, watching as people judged you going in. Now, they aren’t such a big taboo, and many different places are selling sex toys.

In fact, some of our favourite high street stores and supermarkets are now selling sex toys! Why is that? Are sex toys no longer the taboo that they once were?

Thoughts on sex toys

Sex toys were a huge taboo. I remember back in college when myself and my female friends would sit hunched over an Ann Summers catalogue. We’d sit in the back corner of the room, giggling over the things inside. We’d hide it when anyone walked by, otherwise we’d have to deal with their judging glances.

Even as a sex writer, I’ve had to put up with judgement for having sex toys. My last serious relationship had it. They couldn’t understand why I had a sex drawer when I had them. You don’t need toys if you have sex was the mentality they had. Not getting rid of the toy caused some problems.

It used to be that you had to sneak into a sex shop on the high street to get toys, disappearing into the back corner and seeing what they had available. If you didn’t want to risk the store, you might go online instead. But online means that you don’t get to see the product until it has arrived, so you don’t get a true idea of the scale of things.

Everyone talks about sex toys but no-one really likes the idea of them

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The Poundland sex toys

It doesn’t seem like too long since Poundland hit the headlines. They declared that they were going to be putting sex toys on their shelves in order to give people the chance to enhance their sex lives in new and cheap ways. Sex toys for £1? How can we say no?

Since their release, they have proven to be big sellers, stating that they have been selling sex toys successfully since their introduction. In fact, 5,000 units are being shifted each week!

Of course, finding them in the store is a bit difficult. People don’t like that they are available, and so typically they are put on a high shelf somewhere far in the shop. There have been times where I have investigated only to discover that they are nowhere to be seen. Either they are really selling or they are incredibly difficult to track down!

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Sainsbury’s gets in on the action

Poundland have done a great job of working on the taboo of toys. That’s the high street covered… but what about supermarkets? I honestly never expected to see supermarkets selling sex toys any time soon, but along came Sainsbury’s to prove me wrong!

Sainsbury’s put together a study in which they examined the most important things for our general wellbeing. They discovered that sex and sleep are important to us, and they decided that it was about time they helped with one of those factors.

By the 4th November, almost 500 stores around the UK will stock Rocks-Off toys. These include bullets and vibrators to spice up your sex lives! With prices starting from £8, it is the perfect way to get people interested in toys and to take away the taboo surrounding them!

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Should more stores be selling sex toys?

The problem is that sex toys are still very much a taboo. We might be selling sex toys in high street stores and our favourite supermarkets, but people aren’t happy about it. Some feel that it isn’t the job of supermarkets to help our sex lives and that they need to just stay out of it.

What do you think? Are you tempted to pick up a sex toy when doing your weekly shop? I know that I would be if I saw the right one! Do you think selling sex toys in a wider variety of shops is going to be a good move, or is it a little too risky?

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