Easy Sex Games To Spice Things Up!

February 25, 2016

Unfortunately, sex can sometimes get really boring. Looking for a way to spice things up in the bedroom? There are plenty of hot and steamy sex games you could play to make things exciting, and best of all, many of them are really easy to do.

Looking for some great sex games to try and make things that little bit more exciting in bed? We have some fantastic ones here on the XEscorts blog, and many of them are so easy to do that there is very little preparation involved, so you can start having fun right now!

Toucha toucha toucha touch me!

Foreplay is often skipped over when we get into a sex routine. Instead of spending a lot of time exploring the body of our partner, we’ll skip ahead to the good bits, getting down to business and often making sex feel more like a schedule and less spontaneous

A quick and easy way to add that little bit of spice back into your life is to get to know your partner’s body again, and you can do this using sex games. The only thing you will need is your phone or something that has a timer on it for the hottest and simplest of the sex games.

Set the time for ten minutes, sit opposite your partner on the bed, and tell them that you aren’t allowed to have sex or even oral sex until the timer has run out. You’ll find that you get hot and bothered as you kiss your way along their body, as you’ll be desperate for the alarm to go off. In order to fill the time you’ll explore places you have never explored before, making things even hotter and sexier than they were before!

A or B?

Another good way to explore your partner’s body and see the things that they like or don’t like is to give them some options. By giving them options you are actually learning a little more about them, but of course, it isn’t any fun to just ask them what they like, is it?

Instead, get them to lie down on the bed, either naked or in lingerie, and put a blindfold on them. Since they can no longer see you, they’ll have to rely on their other senses to establish what is going on. Now, explore their body, but ask them what they prefer and then touch them in two different ways. One might be a light stroke along their thigh, while the other might be a firm hand rubbing.

Take note of the things that they say they like the most and where they like it. Not only will this help you to discover a little more about them in the bedroom, as well as turning them on for sex, but it will also teach you more about their body and the way they want to be touched. What more could you ask for?

Ice ice baby

Playing with the temperature in the bedroom is a fantastic way to make things more exciting and to also explore something new and kinky. One of the best things that you can do is get a bowl of ice and other cold items, and have another bowl to have with warmer things.

Start with the warm things, gently touching them on your partner’s body. Got some warm massage oil? Use this to rub them all over and help them to relax. When you are done, you can start to play with the temperature, switching between the bowls when you want to.

Try holding an ice cube in your mouth while you lick her nipples. The warmth of her body and the oil will contrast with the ice cube, heightening her senses and make her more sensitive to the touch. Why not play around and see what else she is sensitive to?

Roll the dice

Almost every single household around the world has some dice to hand, and they are a great tool to use in the bedroom in a number of ways. To start, why not set up some sex dice? You can buy them, but if you have an ordinary die, you can just use this instead.

With your partner, write down six actions. Include things like lick, suck, and touch. Write another list of six areas of the body to play with. Then, roll the die twice and see how you will be touching a certain area of their body. This is one of those sex games that will be different every time you play, making it a great last minute game to play.

Another great thing to do is to test your partner’s resolve during oral sex. Roll the die and then challenge them to count backwards from a hundred in intervals of that number while you pleasure them. For example, if they roll a three, they would go “100, 97, 94, 91…” Your challenge is to them get them to mess up their counting or get them to orgasm before they reach 0. This game is so hot because they will be trying their hardest to not mess up. They won’t want to let you distract them, but hearing their heavy breathing as they count will be a huge turn on and, whether they succeed or not, you’ll both be ready to fuck afterwards.

Other kinky sex games

There are so many other kinky sex games out there for you to try, and they are a lot of fun to do if you have a willing partner.

If you have a sex game you really want to play, take the time to talk to them about it. Say that you want to spice things up and go into detail about what you want to do. The chances are that they will want to try it just as much as you do, so you can start having fun immediately!

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