Is English The Sexiest Accent?

February 12, 2015

We all have accents that we love and find sexy. Personally, I love the Belfast accent and the South East England accents. Something about them just makes me think “yes!”

A friend of mine, however, said that there is nothing sexier than an Australian accent or French accent. Each one sounds great to us and oh so sexy.

However, which is the sexiest accent of them all? Can the British beat the rest of the world on sexiest accent?

Our survey says…

A few years back, OnePoll decided to find out which was the sexiest accent in the world. They surveyed 5,000 women and the results were surprising. Everyone had expected French to come out on top. After all, that is the language of love, right?

Well, Ireland came top of the league, with Italian second, Scottish third, French forth, and Australian fifth. England didn’t even make the top five, coming sixth. I can understand Irish being top. It’s a really sexy accent to listen to (hello Colin Farrell!).

Time has gone by since then, and a new survey by Time Out Global, conducted on 11,000 people in 24 cities, has found that the British accent is the most attractive to people around the world.

Surprisingly, the Irish accent was pushed down to third place, with American taking second, with Australian and French taking fourth and fifth, respectively.

So, the sexy English women and men have it!

Why is British on top?

Why has Ireland been pushed from the top spot, and why has the British accent taken its place? Well, the theory is that media and entertainment are to blame.

The rise in British media and celebrities has made it impossible to watch the hottest TV shows and films without falling head over heels for the actors. James Bond gives us the hunky Daniel Craig, while films like Thor give us the well-spoken Tom Hiddleston as a villain to pine over.

A few years ago, when the OnePoll survey was conducted, Colin Farrell was the one to watch in Hollywood. Is he the reason that Irish was on top and, if so, is the number of British actors on TV the real reason the British have taken their place?
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Up for debate

It seems that the topic of sexiest accent is not one you should bring up in conversation with friends. Last night, I asked some of my girl friends what their favourite accent was. That was when the arguing started.

Honestly, the way they were arguing you’d think I’d just said I was having an affair.

Everyone has their own turn ons. I can accept and appreciate that. While I find the southern-east English accent sexy, someone else might love nothing more than a sexy Scottish woman speaking to them.

What is the sexiest accent to you? Do you find phone sex is even hotter with an accent? Let us know by leaving a comment in the box below.

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