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December 3, 2019

People are always searching for new ways to spice things up in the bedroom. Whether it’s with a new lover or a long-term partner, there’s a lot to be said about putting the time in to make sex more fun for the both of you and knowing your partner’s erogenous zones can turn it into an even more explosive encounter.

No matter which direction you go in, it’s wise to always keep these essential erogenous zones in mind. They can be used in role play, vanilla sex, and BDSM- the possibilities are endless. One thing is for sure: they are certainly the ticket to fixing boring foreplay.

What is an Erogenous Zone?

We hear a lot about them, but what is an erogenous zone? Some people think they’re anywhere on the body, but in fact, they are the areas on your skin which are said to give you the most sexual pleasure. When given the same attention as your clitoris or penis usually receives, they can maximise any sexual experience for both people.

                This is only when they’re pleasured correctly, however. Just touching that part of your body won’t do much in the way of fun. Instead, take your time to figure out which erogenous zones, and which strokes suit you best. You’ll quickly find out that you can also use your mouth to increase pleasure. It’s different for everyone, but whatever the case, perfecting pleasure in these zones is a sure-fire way to increase sexual intimacy between partners.

Visualising the Erogenous Zones

Just thinking about where the erogenous zones are won’t help beginners. More often than not, having a visual guide to hand allows you to know exactly where to put your hands and mouth. Use graphics like the one below to guide you to the zones all around your body. Though your lover will surely get some use out of these, it’s best to spend some time exploring your own body first to find out what makes you tick.



We’ve all had it before: when someone whispers in your ear and you feel a tickle of pleasure that reaches the whole way down your back and makes you shiver- even when it shouldn’t. This is because your ear is surrounded by some of the most sensitive nerve endings in your body, making them much more receptive to the lightest of touches.

                Thanks to this sensitivity, anything from breathy whispers of dirty talk to nibbling on ear lobes is a great way to work with this erogenous zone. Anything too hard, and you might not be writhing in the kind of pleasure you’re hoping for.

Breasts and Nipples

The female body is one of the most elusive forms on the planet, and it is full of clusters of nerves that can be stimulated to cause unadulterated pleasure. Among these areas are the breasts and nipples. Though not exactly a secret erogenous zone, they are rarely given enough attention during sex and foreplay.

                They are also one of the easiest zones to work with. Using your fingers, you can twist, flick, and graze nipples to give frissons of pleasure. Your mouth can also be used to suck, nibble, and kiss all over the breasts to give a new kind of sensation. Remember, nipples are also an erogenous zone on some men, too.


Foot fetishes have long been known as one of the most popular, gaining traction among people thanks to cult movies like Pulp Fiction. Though these fetishes are linked to psychological fantasies, they can be played on more due to the fact that they are an erogenous zone. You’ll notice that feet are an extremely ticklish part of the body, and this is because they have one of the highest concentrations of nerve endings.

If you’re not into feet, or the idea of them doesn’t appeal, it may be best to steer clear of this zone. If you are, or you’re an open-minded soul wishing to try something new, use your mouth to suck and lick on the soles and toes before touching them with other parts of your body.


Despite the intense pleasure the perineum can bring during sex, it’s an erogenous zone that not many people have heard of. Located between the anus and the scrotum in men, and the anus and the vulva in women, it’s hidden between some of the most popular pleasure centres in the body.

It’s also a tricky one to stimulate, as you need to apply the right amount of pressure for it to feel good. You can do this with your fingers or your tongue, and it feels especially good when combined with oral sex. Note that this one doesn’t always feel great for everyone; if it doesn’t, don’t pressure yourself into trying. Just move onto the next one.

erogenous zones - man


There are some erogenous zones that women have, there are some which people share, and then there are those which men exclusively have. Testicles is one of these. Men often get scared of stimulating this part of the body, and for good reason: it can sometimes be sensitive for all the wrong reasons.

                Yet, you can use this sensitivity to your advantage, by lightly tickling, licking, or squeezing testicles so that there’s much more pleasure there. You may wish to try this during oral sex, or even during the big event to add some new sensations into the mix.


Like with feet, the stomach is one of the most ticklish parts of the body. Generally speaking, the more ticklish a place is, the more likely you can turn this sensitivity into your advantage. The stomach is no exception.

This larger stretch of skin is ideal for paying attention to when you’re on your way down to performing oral sex on someone. By kissing, licking, and nibbling the lower area of the stomach, you can build up the tension for when you eventually take your mouth down lower.

Point P

Also known as the P-spot, Point P is the prostate gland. It is one that inly men have, and is one of the erogenous zones that is in fact located inside the body, between the penis and the bladder. For this reason, it is often overlooked, but you don’t always need to go inside to make it feel good. You can also make the most of the perineum by massaging it, as this will in turn stimulate the P-spot underneath.

If you’re looking to add a little more adventure to your foreplay, you can also directly stimulate the prostate using your fingers, or a vibrating prostate stimulator.

Point U

Point U- you might be wondering what on earth that is. Hardly anything is known about this erogenous zone, which lies inside the female body, just behind the opening of the vagina. What we do know is that it can produce powerful sensations across the body when stimulated correctly, and you’ll soon find out why it is referred to as the female prostate.

                Using small, light strokes, you can apply pressure to Point U easily when you know where it is. This is where an erogenous zone map can come in handy. For this particular zone, pleasuring feels best when the area is wet. You may wish to add lube to foreplay here, or go all-in with oral sex for even more pleasure.

Just a note to say

It doesn’t matter which erogenous zones you choose to focus on, just remember that you shouldn’t be exploring these zones without anyone’s approval but your own. Our bodies are sensitive, vulnerable things. Sure, this makes for mind-blowing sex and incredible human connection, but it can also leave us doing things we aren’t always comfortable with.

If you’re keen to explore these zones more, make sure you’re doing it with someone you trust. This could be a partner, or a trusty escort who can guide you to each zone and teach you exactly how to make them feel great. Whatever your choice, exploring on your terms will turn you on even more.


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