Erotic Stories Detention With Ms Miller

June 12, 2015

The bell rang out through the halls, signalling the end of another school day, and I joined my mates as we shoved our way out of the stuffy maths room. More students were coming out of the other classrooms as we walked through the corridor, joining the masses as they all tried to escape.

The crowd moves down the stairs and out towards the doors, while my friends and I turn off to a side corridor. Ben opens his arms as Kathy, his girlfriend, runs up to him, and they share a sloppy kiss. Dan and I look at each other while they swap saliva, and after a few minutes they come up for air.

“Let’s go,” Dan says, turning around and headed for the exit.

Kathy and Ben follow, with Ben’s hand firmly on Kathy’s ass as they walk away. I stay, shrugging my shoulders. “Sorry guys, I’ve got detention.”

Dan turns around, “With Ms MILF?” he asks, grinning as I nod to him. “Well, don’t do anything we wouldn’t do!” he cheerily shouts as they disappear out of sight.

A Naughty Boy

I head down the corridor, passing by the canteen and the teacher’s lounge, until I’m in the science department. My last lesson with Ms Miller, known among the lads at school as Ms MILF, was on Monday. For the third week in a row I hadn’t done my homework, and so for the third Wednesday in a row I was staying behind after school to go to her detention… not that it was much of a punishment.

Ms Miller, who is in her late 30’s, only came to the school last year but she is easily the hottest teacher we’ve ever had. Biology was a failing subject before she arrived, and suddenly everyone is paying attention. The girls have been copying how she styles her short red hair and the makeup she puts on, while the lads have been watching her curves move around the classroom.

I get to the lab and walk in, spotting her wiping the board. As she reaches up her tits in that tight black shirt rub against the board, clearing off some of the things further down. She turns and smiles at me as the door slams, pointing to a table in the centre of the room, “Sit down, Jack. I’ll be with you in a moment.”

I sit on the stool, watching the way her fat ass wiggles from side to side as she cleans the board. I feel my cock growing in my pants and shift my bag from the table to my lap, hiding it from view.

She walks over to the table them, sitting herself on the corner of it and crossing her legs. They dangle close to me and I look at the bright red heels she is wearing, following her shapely legs in those tights up to her hips, heaving chest, and then to her face. She’s looking at me and I feel my face go red.

“Jack,” she says, putting her hands together in her lap, “This is week three now, and clearly having you sit with me in detention each week isn’t working.” Her blue eyes look at me and I try to keep mine on her face, even as I watch her tits moving with each breath she takes.

“Sorry Miss.”

“Sorry isn’t good enough,” she says, one of her hand starting to run slowly up and down her leg. I watch as she strokes the leg, her other hand sliding to her hip and uses the thumb to rub small circles there.

My cock grows in my pants as I watch her touching herself and I shift on the stool, hoping she’ll go back to the board so I can fantasise about fucking her without her spotting my boner.

She lets out a sigh, getting down from the table and walking away to her desk. She comes back with a text book and some paper for me, putting them down before going back to her desk.

All Excited

I get a pen out of my bag, keeping it in my lap while I open the text book and start writing. I’ve been here enough times to know how it works now, but even when I have work to do I keep looking up at her. She hums as she cleans up her desk, leaning over enough for me to get a clear shot of her tits trying to escape from her lacy bra. My dick throbs in my pants and I slide one hand into my pants, taking hold of it.

While she continues to bend over for me I move my hand, breathing heavily each time her tits wiggle. She then goes into the corner of the room where her bag sits, turning away from me so she can bend over and show me her round ass. She moves her ass from side to side for me and I let out a moan.

She stands quickly and turns around, looking at me. Embarrassed I stop, putting my head down and pretending to work on these notes.

“Jack,” she says, starting to walk towards me, “You’ve got your exams coming up, and you’ll need to do well if you want to get into a good college.” She gets closer to the table and I keep my hands still, wondering if she’ll notice. She doesn’t stop on the other side of the table, though. Instead, she walks around to my side and looks at me. She sees my hand under my bag and grabs the bag, pulling it off.

Her eyes go wide as she sees my hand is jammed in my pants and she goes a little red in the face, turning away for a second. I take that chance and take my hand out of my pants, going back to my text book.

She turns back around and I watch as her eyes goes straight to my cock in my pants. It is still hard and I open my mouth to apologise when she reaches over, giving it a squeeze. I gasp at the contact, letting go of the pen I’m holding as she slides the zip of my trousers down and frees me. My cock is now in her hands and she starts to pump it up and down.

As she does I look over at her, at the way she bites her lip as she looks at my dick in her hands, and at the way her tits are squeezed together as she leans over. I start moaning, knowing that I’m not going to last long. Her tits are pressed together even harder when she reaches out her other hand, cupping my balls and giving them a squeeze.

“Oh fuck,” I say, grabbing hold of her hand to stop her. She looks at me for a moment, before taking her hands away. I close my eyes, thinking I’ve fucked this up, but then when I open them I see her pushing everything off the desk. She sits on it, facing me, and slowly moves to the edge. She pulls up her skirt right in front of me and pulls down her tights and thong, exposing her pussy to me. There is a patch of hair at the top, carefully cut short, and I can see some wetness in between her lips.

Getting to Work

She slowly slides one hand up her leg, running it teasingly around her wet lips and stopping at the top. She slides one finger slowly down and inside her cunt, letting out a little gasp as she slides it all the way in. I watch as she moves that finger out and up to her clit, rubbing it gently from side to side as she starts to moan. She reaches over for me, dragging me to my feet, and I move closer to her, position my dick at the entrance to her wet pussy.

Her legs wrap around me and she pulls me in, moaning as my cock starts to fill her. I moan too, thrusting in hard and watching her mouth open wide. I slide back out again, enjoying the way her pussy clenches me tight as though trying to keep me in, before thrusting back in hard.

Her fingers are rubbing frantically at her clit while her other hand squeezes her boobs. I keep pulling out as slowly as I can before sticking my cock back in her as hard as I can. I can feel how close I am and want to last longer, but then she changes things.

Suddenly she starts to move, her body jerking on the table as I fuck her. She’s moaning loudly, her fingers still moving on her clit, and I feel her cunt tightening around me. Watching and hearing her come for me makes my thrusting speed up as my own orgasm hits. I come inside of her, screaming her name out loud and grabbing hold of the table for stability. My dick goes soft again and I move away from her, watching as her she slides her thong and tights back up and legs and hitches her skirt down. She walks to the sink, grabbing some tissues and passing them to me. I clean up the mess I’ve made and look at the clock, seeing that it is time for me to go.

Ms Miller goes back to her desk while I pack up my things. I stop by the bin, putting the come-soaked tissues in it before heading for the door.

“Jack,” she says, waiting for me to stop and look at her. “If you keep up with your homework, maybe we can do that again,” she says, winking at me and watching me leave.

I haven’t missed a homework since.

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