Escort Tips For if Things Get Aggressive or Violent

October 22, 2018

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We spend a lot of the time on our site talking about the positives of escorting. The freedom it gives escorts, the pleasure it gives clients. However, it is fair to say that not every client is pleasant and not every meeting will go well.

Companions on the whole will find themselves working on their own, so if something goes wrong with a client then they are in a very awkward position. This is why today we are going to take a look at how an escort should deal with the situation when things turn nasty.

This will be advice we hope you never have to take, but we want you to be in the best position to cope if something bad happens.

In The Event of Aggression

National Ugly Mugs say that in the event someone becomes aggressive, the following steps should be taken. Obviously not all at the same time, but work out what is best for your individual circumstance.

• If they want your money or bag, decide if it is really worth the fight and potential risk to your life to hang onto it
• Stay calm – try to calm the person and talk them out of it:
• Use open-handed gestures
• Speak in a low, quiet tone and don’t raise your voice or shout
• Use friendly, sensitive language
• Try to show understanding and sympathy
• Keep thinking about how you will get out of the situation
• Don’t allow fear, panic or anger to take over
• Tell them someone knows where you are, is meeting you, expecting you home soon or waiting for you
• Cry hysterically – even if you have to pretend
• Pretend you are feeling sick and about to vomit
• Don’t carry weapons which could be used against you
• Consider giving an ‘ugly mug/dodgy punter’ report about the incident
• Some local support projects run workshops on de-escalation techniques so you can learn how to calm a person down; how to talk them out of attacking you; and how to get away from an attacker

Dealing With Violence

Sometimes however, this isn’t going to stop violence taking place. In that event, you should do as following.

• Make as much noise as possible by shouting, screaming or yelling
• If you have an alarm, use it. If you can, hold it near the attacker’s ear or throw the cord so they can’t take it off you to turn it off
• If you are in a car, hit the horn or flash the lights to attract attention, make as much noise as you can
We all know that prevention is better than cure. Though you can never guarantee a client will be a good human being, you can do things to give yourself better odds.

If you feel someone is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, then don’t let them in. It is true that not everyone acts like an idiot when they are loaded, but that is not worth the risk for you. They should know that they have to turn up sober, and if they don’t then this will act as a good lesson.

The most important thing is for the escort to remain safe, and if that isn’t possible, to be able to handle the situation in a way that they can get out of it without it escalating to something incredibly serious.

As I said previously, I hope this is information you never need to use. Keep safe, ladies and gents.

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