The Experts Guide To Kissing!

September 15, 2014

They say that a person can find out everything they need to know about their significant other in the first kiss. With so much at stake, it makes good sense to equip yourself with the knowledge of how to give not only a good kiss, but a downright memorable one.

We assume our readers are savvy when it comes to knowing how to kiss, which is why we have come up with a list of kissing opportunities and given our guide to pulling them off in the most effective way.
Here are our do’s, don’t and nuggets of knowledge to guarantee you are top dog when it comes to smooching.

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The Spontaneous Passionate Kiss

Assuming you all know the basics when it comes to kissing, we are going to go right into the most affective kiss, the spontaneous, ‘knock them right off their feet’ type of kiss. This works great in the beginning of a relationship, when you have got to know somebody a little better, you can really knock the wind out of somebody by launching into this style of kiss and create a real buzz and chemistry.

The best way is to choose the opportune moment, a moment where there is some affection exchanged, this helps to lay a foundation in which to build on, to escalate the moment. When you launch for the kiss, take the person’s face in your hands and press hard, slightly open mouthed. Then, lean in hard, passionately and possessively which adds to the passion of the moment, caress the persons face and then, take your tongue and push it against theirs, you don’t need too much tongue just enough to create some passion. Stroke your tongue with theirs, encircling their tongue slowly. Press in deep and leave them breathless!

First Date Kiss

This is the one where most women proclaim that they can decide if that person is for them within the first minute of a first kiss. Don’t go in too strong for this kiss, don’t use too much tongue or outlandish kissing strategies, keep the first kiss simple and passionate. Kiss gently, brushing your lips against theirs, then part your lips more and move your tongue into their mouth, gently at first caressing their tongue. If things heat up, stroke the person’s face, back and shoulders, adding some affection and intimacy. The phrase ‘leave them wanting more’ applies here, give that person a little taste, then pull away, giving them just a little sample of what could be in store. Most women and men for that matter would agree this is the perfect first kiss.

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The Gentle Kiss

This is the perfect kiss after lovemaking. The gentle kiss will communicate both desire and affection for your significant other. To achieve, keep lips soft and gently brush them against your partner’s lips, slowly kiss the bottom lip and then the top lip, taking your time and making the moment last. Little kisses and slight use of tongue will make the right affect, slowly brush your tongue over their lips.

The Rough Kiss

The rough kiss is perfect for moments of desire, whether you feel that moment is going to lead onto sex or if the moment presents itself as a very seductive one. The rough kiss is characterised by licking, biting and lots of tongue. Rough kissing can start with kissing on the neck, which leads onto the lips, deeply inserting the tongue is very passionate, then bite the lips gently, or perhaps harder if the moment takes you. Lick the lips in a strong, passionate way, but don’t go overboard, with tongue, sometimes less is more.

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