What You Should Do If You Fall In Love With An Escort

July 13, 2017

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When you spend time with an escort you get to feel incredible. They are the perfect companions, and they seem to know just what you want when you want it. If you are a regular client, you’ll look forward to meeting your chosen escort once a month or once a week. But sometimes things can change. You might find that you have developed feelings for them.

When you fall in love with an escort it can leave you conflicted. You want to spend more time with them because you love their company, but you know that your feelings are going to make it difficult to maintain that escort/client relationship.

So what do you do? Here on the XEscorts blog we talk you through what you should do if you find that you have fallen for an escort.

Stop seeing them

If you have strong feelings for an escort, then you might find yourself tempted to continue to see them. You may tell yourself that you can ignore these feelings and work around them. You might believe that you cannot cope without your chosen escort in your life and that you can still be a good and professional client.

The problem here is that often the lines blur. We might think we are being professional but every touch and kiss is a little more intense than it should be. We can’t help ourselves from showing our feelings. And escorts can often tell.

If you have been seeing someone and circumstances have changed, you’ll find that the easiest way to get over them is to stop seeing them. It is the same when you fall for an escort.

Yes, it will be difficult, but in the long run you’ll discover that it is better than pretending everything is fine. The more time you spend with your favourite escort after realising your feelings, the more difficult it becomes. So stop seeing them and give yourself that distance.

If you have feelings for an escort, your best bet is to stop seeing them

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Don’t ghost them

However, if you find that you have fallen in love with an escort you see regularly, you shouldn’t simply cut off all contact. What you should do is let them know you cannot see them any more.

You don’t have to say why, though many escorts will understand you needing distance if you do tell them. However you might find it easier to say that you aren’t going to be able to see them in the future, but you have really enjoyed your time together.

This lets the escort know where they stand. If you are a regular client then they might feel hurt to have heard nothing from you. It is simply common courtesy to let them know, and you’ll find that it is a nice way to resolve your relationship with them.

At least tell the escort you cannot see them in the future

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Getting over them

Getting over an escort you have feelings for is a lot like getting over an ex. You’ll need to do the same things you might do at the end of a relationship to help yourself get over them.

This means you should do things like spend more time with friends, keep yourself busy, and do things that make you happy. If you focus on yourself, you’ll find that it is easier to get over it.

You should also know that you are not alone. There are plenty of clients out there who will admit that they fall in love with escorts. Sometimes talking to others like you can help, and you’ll see that it is possible to over that beautiful courtesan.

It takes time, but you'll learn to be fine without them

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Why do clients fall in love with escorts?

So why do clients fall in love with escorts in the first place? For many, escorts seem to be the perfect woman. If you regularly go for GFE, then you’ll get all of the benefits of a relationship without the drawbacks. There is no attachment there, but this doesn’t mean one can’t form.

You might find it difficult to separate the line between escort and potential relationship, and it is at this point you need to stop seeing them. Some clients are tempted to ask the escort on a date and hope that the escort has fallen for them too, but escorts won’t date clients. They like to keep their professional and private lives separate, so don’t ask them to cross that line. It can lead to tension between you, and they might choose to stop seeing you as a result of it.

Do you have some great advice for those who have fallen for an escort? We want to hear from you, so let us know what you think by leaving a comment in the box below.

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