My First Girl on Girl Experience

September 30, 2014

As I drive ferociously on the motorway, at top speed, I can’t help but suppress a naughty giggle as the song ‘make love in this club’ comes on the radio. It brings back memories of the most erotic encounter of my life, in a tiny bathroom cubicle in one of the hottest clubs in London.

I had drunk way too many, my friend’s kept bringing over shots of tequila, neatly laid out on trays, the lemon perched on the glass suggestively, reminding me of the habitual lemon biting after the burning liquor is poured into the throat. It was a Saturday night and after a stressful week where I had managed to mess up nearly everything, there was just one option – to get drunk, dance and flirt with strangers. A perfect cure for my stressful week.

Two hot lesbians in barely any clothing look at the camera

The Most Beautiful Sight

I had been watching a woman dancing with a man, she was gorgeous, every man had their eyes fixed on her, platinum blonde hair, running over her back in loose curls and she was dressed in a little red dress, which hugged her body and flattered her enormous cleavage, even I couldn’t stop looking she was so sensual looking. Perhaps it was the alcohol, but I could have sworn every time she walked to the bar, her eyes were on me too, as I sat in a white mini dress, knocking back shots and chatting with handsome men.

After the last shot, I knew I had to run to the bathroom and close the music off, get some rest-bite or I would have to ask my best friend to hail a taxi and carry me out of the club, the shame of spoiling a well running night forever haunting me.

Some Company

As I arrived in the bathroom, I noticed it was full to the brim of women applying makeup, chatting and giggling, lost in a drunk stupor similar to mine, so I slipped innocently into the men’s room, which was deserted. I closed in on the mirror and applied an extra slick of lip-gloss and ran my hands through my hair, steadying myself against the sink. Suddenly I saw the blonde woman beside me, looking in the mirror and running her hands through her hair also.

“Little crowded in there, huh?” She asked in what sounded like an Eastern European accent, her mouth curled round the words in a sexy way. I smiled, nodding.

“I had to get a little space.” The blonde woman stood face to face with me, smiling a devilish smile.

One girl on her knnes taking of the pants of another girl

“I think your dress has fallen a little.” She reached over and pulled at my dress strap, grazing my breasts as she did so, suggestively. Unsure what to do, but enjoying the warmth of her hands I just smiled back, appreciatively.

“You are a beautiful woman.” The blonde woman said and with that launched at me, kissing my lips softly. Electric shot through my body. I kissed back, being unexperienced with other women, all I knew is that it felt good and I had to enjoy it. We kissed, our breasts crushed against each other, tasting each other with our tongues.

A Building Heat

Suddenly, we heard voices coming into the bathroom, so the woman led me into the cubicle, as three men arrived, not catching sight of us as we darted in, closed the door and kissed each other more fervently. Touching tongues over and over we wrapped our arms around each other and kissed against the wall, the heat building between us.

She then pulled down my dress and took out my breasts, kissing each nipple with her soft lips over and over, then came back to my lips, as I pulled her dress down and exposed her enormous breasts as well, which were full and the most beautiful I had ever seen. We kissed, with our bare breasts rubbing against each other, and I knew I wanted more. We kissed each other’s breasts over and over, teasing nipples with our tongues. She then removed my dress so I was naked and I sat against the back of the cubicle as she kissed my thighs and finally my pussy, using her fingers to stroke my wetness and making me moan with desire.

One blonde and one brunette look at the camera and embrace

Teasing My Pussy

The voices outside were getting louder and did not seem to suspect what was going on, so we carried on, her tongue teasing my pussy. She played with my breasts as I lay naked, pumping her fingers in and out and kissing my lips until I came, the most sensual orgasm I had ever had. After she made me come, she knew just what to do, she kept stroking at my pussy using her tongue until I came a second time, this time more intense than the first. Using her fingers, she put one finger in my asshole, teasing it round and round, with her other two fingers in my pussy, bringing me to a third orgasm so easily, I was completely aroused.

I got on my hands and knees and started to lick her back, she slammed her hands against the cubicle as I ran my tongue around her clitoris softly so she could enjoy a prolonged tease, I could taste her juice all over my lips and I was so turned on by how wet I was making her. I kept on licking and inserted my fingers into her asshole, which opened up for me easily and pumped them, keeping my mouth on her. With my other hand I put my fingers into her wet pussy, and found her G-spot, pumping both holes until I could feel her orgasm, contracting over my fingers fast and hard.

The Relief Of Orgasm

We both breathed relief as our orgasm lingered and started kissing again, softly and gently against the wall. I was in heaven, in ecstasy, and so was she. We dressed, holding hands and when we were sure the boys were gone from the bathroom, we strode out together and headed straight for the bar. I’m telling you, that next shot of tequila was the best I ever had. We smiled and giggled as we knocked the shots back and were shortly joined by two handsome men eagerly asking to buy us more drinks, we raised our eyebrows at each other, knowing nobody could suspect we had already been satisfied for the night.

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