Five Facts About the Penis You May Not Know!

December 19, 2016

Man looks down his pants with a microscope

The penis is a funny thing. As a guy, I can say it. It is fair to say, unless we sit around, whipping it out, and showing it off to our friends, the only one we will ever see is our own. Therefore, what us guys know about them is actually pretty small. Oh, let us now forget porn, where many of us are trying to work out if they have normal sized penises or not. It is a confusing landscape.

Well, this is why your friends here at XEscorts have put together five facts about our little friend. Some of these things may well surprise you.

1) What is The Average Penis Size?

The mean length of the erect penis in the UK is about 5.2 inches (13.2cm) in length and 4.6 inches (11.7cm) in circumference.

The non-erect penis usually measures 3.6 inches (9.1cm) from top to bottom and 3.7 (9.3cm) inches in circumference.

There you go. That is what we call normal. So don’t let anyone tell you any different.

2) Your Penis May be a Grower or a Shower!

A study of 80 men found that size increases from flaccid to erect ranged widely, from less than a quarter-inch, to 3.5 inches longer.

This means that if you are in the locker room, and you see a guy who has a big flaccid penis, then there is no evidence at all that he will have a bigger dick than you when erect.

Some of you out there will be reassured, I think

3) Sensitivity Will Decline With Age

Studies have shown that the penis becomes less sensitive with age, although we are not sure exactly by how much. This is because different studies have used different ways to measure it. What is clear though, is that there is a reduction.

The data show a clear trend, that from age 25 on, sensitivity starts to decline. The sharpest decline in sensitivity is seen between age 65 and 75. Still, if I am using it at all at that age, I will be quite happy.

However, you will be pleased to hear, that they aren’t sure if people actually realise it. It seems they are more concerned with difficulty maintaining erections and premature ejaculation.

I am not sure if that is a good thing or not.

4) Your Penis is a Habitat

You would not believe the amount of bacteria that is around the penis, even if you clean it properly.

Lance Price, PhD, and Cindy Liu, PhD, researchers at the Translational Genomics Research Institute, in Flagstaff, Ariz., used genetic tests to identify the bacteria found on men’s penises. Their study showed there were a total of 42 types bacteria on the skin of the penis.

Pretty grim, eh?

However, when you circumcise your penis, things get a lot cleaner. Without going too much into the science world, many of the bacteria are anaerobic, meaning they don’t need oxygen to grow. The inner fold of the foreskin is a mucous membrane, and some scientists think that anaerobic bacteria thrive there, but not on dry skin.

So let’s put it simply, the circumcised penis is cleaner!

5) Most Men Aren’t Circumcised

It is true. Worldwide, approximately 30% of males aged 15 and older are circumcised. This is according to a 2007 report from the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNAIDS.

Obviously, the figures change depending on what religion you are. Almost all Jewish and Muslim males in the world have been circumcised, and together they account for almost 70% of all circumcised males globally.

So, there you go. There are five facts about the penis you may not know. I have to say, some of these surprised even me. But as I said before, I don’t sit around measuring my penis against other guys, and discussing its life and times.

Who would have thought the penis could be so interesting?

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I have noticed that it takes me longer to cum, but I just expected that I was seeing different woman and sex was always on my mind. Never been circumcised, don't even wish to think about it either.

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