Five Of The Strangest Sex Studies!

August 27, 2015

Pretty much every month, without fail, there will be a new scientific study into sex and the results will hit the media. Often they tell us about what makes you have more or less sex, such as the study saying those earning more had more sex or the one that said porn was actually good for your sex life.

We are constantly learning new things about sex thanks to science and studies like this, but sometimes they go a little bit too far. They look at things that we either didn’t want to know about or things that just aren’t that important.

We want to know which of the many sex positions are the most enjoyable and best for multiple orgasms, and the time of day that you are more likely to have great sex, not how penis size could perhaps change your relationship or where you should or shouldn’t do the housework to get laid! So we take a look at the five strangest sex studies out there and tell you the things that you probably didn’t even want to know.

The internet is for porn

We pretty much all know that one of the biggest (and arguably the best) uses for the internet is to access porn. Whether you pay for it or you stick to the free sites where you can watch porn happily if you ignore the pop-ups, there are thousands of pages that you can browse while whacking one out.

Back in 2005, someone decided that we needed to know more. The study, published in the Sexual Addiction & Compulsivity Journal, took place in 2005 and tells us that a huge amount of money spent on the internet goes on porn and sex. In fact, they believe that “more than half of all expenditure done on the internet is estimated to be related to sex”.

Of course, this does include things like magazine subscriptions, sex toys, and other kinky things, but it does prove that the internet is definitely for porn.

Keep it casual

If you have casual sex you are often looked down on as a monster, a slut, or easy. How dare you get enjoyment from something that is not only natural but also fun? How very dare you!

Well, the Cornell University and NYU decided that they wanted to know more about the impact of casual sex on our bodies and minds. They expected, as we all did, to find out that it really wasn’t good for you and that it was actually pretty unhealthy to go around having casual fucks whenever you could.

Surprisingly, they discovered that casual sex could actually be really good for you. Not only did it help to boost your self-confidence, as you got to enjoy sex with someone new who definitely wanted your body, but they also discovered that it could help lower your levels of anxiety and help you cope with depression. That’s a win for casual sex then… but did we really need to know it? We’re not so sure.

Housework is bad for you…

A while back there were a lot of studies telling men that, if they wanted to get their leg over, they would have to pull their weight around the house. It suggested that a man doing the housework was the biggest turn on for women. Yes, even having a naked Hugh Jackman would not be anywhere near as sexy as a man grabbing a mop.

Well, it seems that definitely wasn’t the case. The study was published in the American Sociological Review to look at how accurate the previous study was, and they found that you were more likely to have less sex if you shared the chores and housework between you.

They went on further to explain that the men who took on the more feminine tasks around the house, such as the cleaning, hoovering, and laundry, would have less sex than those who didn’t bother to pull their weight at home.

…as is having a big dick

You would think that having a large cock is going to be good for you. After all, whipping it out in the bedroom is going to stun whoever you are with into silence as they look at it and wonder just how they are going to take that massive chunk of meat into their body.

What you might find interesting is that having a big penis could actually work against you, especially in a relationship. We, we wondered how too, but a study published in the Public Library of Science Journal said that your wife was more likely to cheat on you if you had a long penis.

Basically, we women are like Goldilocks. We don’t want one too big or too small, we want one just right, and when we are faced with a mammoth cock that we can’t handle, we want to go looking for the perfect penis. Because a big dick is so “difficult to accommodate” (ie, painful to take in your mouth, pussy, or ass), women might go straying to find one better suited to them.

Get ready for Halloween!

We all have a favourite time of year, but it seems that for men, Halloween and October are the best times to get jiggy with it. You may be wondering if it is the sexy Halloween costumes you see around or if it is just that the weather is cooler, but it is all to do with the smell and taste of something in particular.

Pumpkin, the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation of Chicago discovered, was a great way to increase the blood flow to the penis with just a sniff or a taste, and so those struggling with erectile problems might find the smell of pumpkin in the air is a great way to fix it, albeit temporarily.

As fascinating as this information is, are these studies really as important and useful as they could be? What kind of sex studies would you rather read about?

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