Footballer Sacked For Sex With Fan!

April 20, 2015

When you’re feeling a bit shit and down, there is nothing better than a quick shag to make you feel better. It’s a great way to de-stress and relax, but it also feels amazing… do we really need any other excuses?

Of course, if you’re a celebrity in any way it is probably best to not go off having sex when you’re feeling a bit stressed. For a start, being in the limelight tends to make you stressed a lot, and if you choose the wrong place you could end up in a hell of a lot of trouble, as a semi-professional footballer found out.

Sore loser

Clitheroe striker Jason Hart was feeling pretty sore when his team lost 4-1 to Mossley AFC. It’s to be expected, especially because it was Mossley’s final game of the season and they were promoting the entire thing as “ladies day” to get more female fans into the club.

So, not only did they lose, but they also lost in front of plenty of sexy women in the audience. Ouch.

Well, Hart wasn’t about to give up. In fact, he decided that the best thing to do would be to have some drinks with his team afterwards to cheer himself up.

Of course, the drink got to him as did a female fan showing interest. Before they knew it, they were having sex in the Manager’s dugout.

Caught on camera

The two were fucking away in the Manager’s dug out when they were discovered. Of course, it wasn’t enough that someone caught them. They had to whip out their phone and film it!

The video showed Hart fucking the woman (whose face we don’t see) while still wearing his Clitheroe club t-shirt and with his pants around his legs.

Hart realises he is being filmed in the video, and instead of covering himself up or trying to stop it, he instead starts laughing at the mobile phone being thrust in his face while he’s shagging away.

I’m glad he found it funny then, because he certainly doesn’t now that the video has been shared among team mates and fans!


Once you start sharing something online, you will lose complete control of it. You can’t stop it and you can’t move it away from the eyes of certain people. Obviously, with a video like this, it soon got the desks of the people in charge.

As a result, Hart was sacked from the football club for what he did.

Anne Barker, Clitheroe chairwoman, clearly wasn’t impressed by what happened: “Any players, while wearing a Clitheroe tracksuit, represents the club. We expect a certain level of behaviour and discipline, and that wasn’t it”.

To add insult to injury, it seems that Clitheroe boss Simon Garner has also asked Hart to turn his club tracksuit… ouch.

Full of regret

Hart has now responded to what happened. He said “I’m full of regret. I’d had a couple of drinks.”

Obviously losing the game had led the team to have some drinks to relax themselves. That’s fine… but then having sex with a fan in front of everyone?

Football player on pitch“I was away from everyone and thought I was hidden.”

Hidden away in the manager’s dugout? They might as well have had sex in the middle of the pitch.

Public sex risks

This highlights the main danger of having sex in public. If you do, you are risking being caught.

For some, that is part of the appeal, but many want to feel that risk without actually getting busted. Here at XEscorts we can understand why. If you get caught, things like this could happen. You could lose your job if you get caught having sex at work, and you could end up having your ass posted all over social media if your “friends” get hold of it.

The moral of the story? Maybe keep it in your pants and find somewhere a little more subtle to go to. Bedrooms are good. Manager dug outs? Not so good.

What public places have you had sex before? Share your stories with us in the comment box below. Have you ever been caught, or did you manage to escape unlike Hart above?

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