Four Signs Your Marriage Is On The Rocks

June 10, 2014

Many of us have been there at one stage or another. We are married, yet we feel things aren’t as good as they once were. Now does that mean that your marriage is coming to an end? Well maybe not, but there are a number of signs that things aren’t going well, and you could be in trouble.

This is why your friends here at the XEscorts blog have put together a four signs guide that your marriage is in trouble. This hasn’t been done to make you feel depressed; it is designed to help you notice them, and work on it before the differences become irreconcilable.

So here we go. Brace yourself!

1) You Think About Having An Affair

When you first got married you are likely to have not even thought about cheating on your spouse (if you were thinking about it, what the hell were you doing getting married in the first place?)

Now you look at the girl from work or the guy from the local pub and fantasise about spending some ‘special time’ with them.

There are many reasons people want to have an affair. They include the enjoyment of risk-taking. You may be longing to connect with someone who you think is more similar to you. You might also want to escape daily responsibilities and routines.

However, if you are wanting that separation from your spouse, then there is obviously a problem

2) The Fights Intensify

Most couples have arguments; it is a natural part of all relationships. But there comes a point that they stop, before it gets too nasty.

In a relationship that it is in trouble, the arguments will become more offensive on a verbal level, and may even get to the the physical altercation stage.

This is always a bad thing. And of course no-one should ever be involved in an abusive relationship.

3) The Children Are Everything

Yes, when you have children they become the priority, but you still have to have time for each other.

Now on this one it is a bit of a ‘chicken and the egg’ situation. Some think that if you are spending all your time on the kids it is BECAUSE that is all you have in common. Others feel that people get too focused on the kid and this is the CAUSE of the problems, as when the children leave, you no longer really know each other as people.

Whatever the reason, if you focus fully on the kids, that really is going to be an issue.

4) There is A Lack Of Sex

Don’t let anyone tell you that sex isn’t an important part of a relationship. It is!

Look at it this way; if you are not having sex together you are just housemates. Sex is what separates your relationship with your partner to every other friendship you have elsewhere.

People should want to have sex with each other. If they don’t that is a sign that there is something wrong. It is as simple as that.

Sort It Out

If you find any of these problems in your marriage, then it is a good idea to talk to your spouse and try and sort it out. You could even speak to a Stockholm escort about any issues, getting them off your chest before you speak to your other half.

Whatever happens in your future, good luck. If you are happy, I hope it stays that way, and if your marriage is struggling, I hope you sort it out.

Everyone deserves to be happy!

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