Fun Ways To Explore Your Foot Fetish

December 23, 2015

The foot fetish is probably one of the most common and popular fetishes to have. Feet can be so sexy, and seeing a woman with sexy feet strutting around in gorgeous heels before giving you a chance to kiss and lick their toes is a huge turn on for many. The problem with the foot fetish is that there are so many possibilities for things that you can do with a sexy pair of feet that you might find it difficult to choose just one!

Well, here at the XEscorts blog we take a look at the many different things that you can do when you are presented with a pair of sexy feet, and take you from simply looking at the feet and wanting to get to know that sexy toes and arches a little better to getting an intense and powerful footjob from the sexy woman of your dreams. Take a look at our suggestions below to get some great ideas to try later.

Sexy foot rub and wash

It might be that you aren’t too comfortable yet around feet, as you aren’t sure of your own limits. It might be that this fetish is still very new to you, and so getting the pleasure of touching feet is still intriguing and fun.

If that is the case, the best way to get to know those sexy feet is to invite your partner to have a nice relaxing foot soak, where you will wash and clean their feet, before you give them a nice long foot rub. Not many can say no to that, and you get to make yourself more familiar with their beautiful feet.

When their feet are in the water, get a cloth and start to slowly clean them, applying pressure. If you don’t apply enough pressure, it will just be ticklish for them, which means less time touching their feet and more time trying to grab them as they wriggle away from you.

Afterwards, dry them off with a warm towel and get them to lie down with their feet in your lap. Slowly use your thumb and finger tips to move down the ankle and along the foot, asking them what feels good. They’ll become very relaxed with you touching their feet like this, and you get to give an erotic foot massage.

Get up close and personal

You may already be pretty familiar with their feet, and so you’ll want to spend more time with them. For many, they wish to lick the feet, slowly sucking each toe into their mouth and savouring the feel of the smooth skin.

As with the foot rub, you’ll want the feet to be clean. Afterwards, you can give them a little foot massage, but then comes the fun part. You get to gently kiss and lick their toes, showing how much you appreciate them.

This foot worship can go on for a long time, so start slowly. Kiss all over their feet applying pressure so they can tell you aren’t trying to tickle them, and start to work your way towards their toes.

When you are at the toes, look up at them as you wrap your lips around one of two, gently sucking and running your tongue around them. If they seem to like that, continue and let your tongue and lips explore all of their sexy feet. It will be a huge turn on for them if you maintain eye contact, as they will see you just want to please them.

The ultimate footjob

Of course, there is no better feeling for a foot fetishist than those beautiful soft feet wrapped around your rock hard cock and sliding slowly up and down, and it is hard to beat the feeling of a truly great footjob.

Start things out with plenty of lube to hand, and let your partner take their time. They might want to tease you, slowly sliding their feet down from your lips where you’ve been sucking on them all the way down your body to your groin, before moving away again.

They will slide their feet slowly up and down your cock, using the toes to play with your balls before encasing your cock in between their feet. Slowly they’ll start to move their feet up and down and you will have felt nothing quite like it.

After a while they might tell you that you can move if you want to, and you’ll find yourself thrusting up to meet their feet as you watch them. When you get close you might want to move so that you can shoot your load all over their sexy feet and show just how much they turn you on.


Of course, sometimes you don’t want to simply look at the feet. Sometimes we want to feel them as they walk all over is, and if you love being dominated you will love nothing more than the feeling of your mistress trampling on you with her sexy feet.

She might choose to walk on you bare foot, digging her heels and toes in as she walks over your body and makes you beg for more steps to be taken on you. You want to be her doormat and she will be only too happy to oblige.

Your mistress may instead choose to wear some heels, and if so they will walk all over you, letting them dig in before standing next to you and ordering you to unfasten their shoes with your teeth. It will be a huge turn on for you to be dominated it such a way and you’ll beg for more.

You might have a few other ideas about the different ways you want to explore your foot fetish, or you might have some tips for others about the best things to try. If so, you can use the comments below to give your recommendations.

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