How To Give The Ultimate Sensual Massage

August 15, 2017

Man on a back oil massage

Stress can do a lot of things to your body. For example, for many they’ll find that their desire for sex decreases when they are feeling tense and stressed out. Unwinding when you are feeling worked up can make a huge difference, but for many it is hard to find the right solution. So why not start things off with a sensual massage?

Sensual massages are the perfect way to get closer to your partner and also to help them unwind when they are feeling stressed. But giving a great massage is a challenge, which is why we have some tips for you here on the XEscorts blog.

Preparing for the massage

Contrary to popular belief, a massage isn’t simply a case of grabbing some oil and rubbing them down. It takes a little bit of time to set the scene and get everything ready. Ensuring you use your time wisely is really going to help you to give them a massage that they will never forget.

To start with, focus on the room. You want to make sure it smells nice, though not too strong. Subtle candles can help a lot with this. Try to avoid incense as this can have a strong smell. You should also ensure that the room is tidy and clean, with plenty of towels ready to help with the massage.

Lighting is also important. Consider swapping the central light for some smaller ones around the room. It will help to create a more romantic atmosphere, as can finding the right music. You can create your own on things like Spotify, or you can go to YouTube and type in “relaxing music”. There are plenty of options to choose from, and because they last around three hours each (as the one below does) you don’t have to worry about stopping mid-massage to sort the music out.

Getting your partner ready

Now that you have the room ready, you need to ensure that your partner is prepared too. You could just ask them to strip and lie down, but this won’t really tie in to the sensual massage atmosphere you are trying to create.

Run them a nice bath to relax in, and get them a glass of wine or whatever they’d like to drink while enjoying the water. This will not only give them the chance to unwind a little before the massage, but it also gives you time to prepare the room.

When they step out of the bath ask them to remain undressed and then show them into the room you have ready for them. Explain that you’d like for them to lie down so that you can give them a massage and they should happily do it. Make sure you have some water to hand in case they get thirsty, and then you can get on with the massage.

A relaxing bath can help them prepare for their massage

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Oils: a little goes a long way

There are so many different massage oils out there to try. Some people prefer not to use massage oils at all and will opt for things like body butters and lotions, as they can help to moisturise the skin and leave it feeling silky soft, as well as smelling great!

However, you should go for a massage oil. Body lotions are nice, but they can dry out quickly on the skin. This means that you would have to apply a lot to get effective results, and all of the rubbing could leave their skin peeling and mixing with the butter in an unpleasant way.

Oils might be more expensive but you’ll find that a little goes a long way. Not sure what type to get? Go for an unfragranced one to begin with. Often the smells can be overpowering and distracting from the massage. If you find that you need to add a little more then do so until you and your partner are happy with it. Just make sure you add a little at a time. It is easier to add more when you need it than remove some when you use too much.

A little bit of oil goes a long way!

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The right technique

Figuring out the right place to start on your partner’s body can be a challenge. However, often it is best to simply start at the neck and their shoulders. Keep your hands flat at first and move them in small circles out towards their hands. This will help your partner get used to your hands on their body.

Use this technique all over their body and go slowly. The point of a sensual massage is to help them to relax and to turn them on a little. You’ll feel a strong connection to them during the massage and going slowly can help with this.

Once you have done this all over their body it is time to repeat the process, but this time allow yourself to get more into it. Use your fingers and thumbs to work those muscles gently, taking your time to work to the places where they really want you to touch them. This will turn them on and create a fantastic build up to when you actually touch their most sensitive areas.

Keep your hands as flat as possible to give the best massage

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The ending to a sensual massage

With a sensual massage it can end in a number of different ways. If you decide to let things take a turn for the erotic and sexual, then make sure your partner is happy with this. If they are you can start to slowly stroke their breasts and nipples, teasing them as you massage. Then you can let your hands drift slowly down to touch them in other places.

Keep using your hands for as long as you can, before asking if they’d like anything else. If they do, give them what they want. It will lead to an intense orgasm for them and a fantastic memory for you.

Afterwards, you can make use of those towels you prepared earlier. Help them to dry the oil from their bodies, going slowly to keep the sensual atmosphere, and you’ll find that you just gave an incredible sensual massage!

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