A Guide to Anal Douching

March 11, 2014

At first glance, an anal douche can seem complicated. However, in reality, it couldn’t be simpler. For those starting out, here is a guide on how to use an anal douche and prep for receiving anal sex. Believe me when I say that once you’ve given this a go, you will want to use it before every anal session…

The Basics:

This may sound obvious, but having anal sex after eating a big meal is generally not the best idea (especially for those who are receiving). It is worth waiting a couple of hours and allowing your meal to settle beforehand. Secondly, when douching, you always want to use lukewarm water. Avoid hot water at all costs. Not only will it be painful, but it could be very harmful to your body causing serious damage. I’ve read other guides which recommend using a mild soapy solution; again, this should be avoided. Most soaps will irritate the rectal and colonic lining which makes it much more susceptible to tears and infections.


There are two main types of douche; shower and portable. Whichever one you decide to use, the principles are the same – water is inserted into the anus and is later released. However, there are differences between the two which may influence your preferred method – these will be covered in this guide. For more advice on choosing the right douche for you; the Birmingham escorts are experts and enjoy sharing their advice with others.

Rectal Rinse vs Colon Cleanser

When it comes to cleaning your backside, there are two types of cleansing. The first type is known as a ‘rectal rinse’; this only fills the rectum with a small amount of water so that it doesn’t spill into the colon. This practice is the least invasive, quickest and doesn’t shock your colon too much – this is the one that I recommend you start with.

The second way is known as a ‘colon cleanser’ and as the name suggests cleans a little deeper. Basically, this method will clear the entire colon of anything that might stand in the way of your anal fun. However, I generally recommend sticking with a ‘rectal rinse’. Excessive douching can cause irritation to the colon by removing the mucous and beneficial bacteria that live there. For that reason, this guide will focus on rectal rinsing only.

Portable Douche

A portable douche is great for those on the move, or for those who like to be discreet. Shower douche attachments are great but they aren’t exactly inconspicuous!

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To start, fill the douche with lukewarm water. Depending on the make, some will have a nozzle that screws off but most have an attached nozzle. If you have a nozzle that unscrews, however, you can easily pour water directly into the bulb. If not, then simply use the suction to get water inside.

Douches can either have a single spout or multiple spouts. A multi spout nozzle can be pressed against the anus without actual penetration, and so many who are new to douching tend to favour these. If yours is a single spout you will need to insert the tip just past the sphincter. I recommend using a small amount of lube to accomplish this; any type will do. Rub a small amount on the tip of the nozzle and on your anus, and this should allow for a comfortable and easy access.

Once the tip is inserted, only slightly passed the sphincter, squeeze some of the water inside your rectum. The average rectum is between 7 and 8 inches deep, so start with half a squeeze and then remove the nozzle from your body. The aim is to loosen any dirt from the rectal walls. Be gentle with amount of water you squirt inside; if the water spills over and into the colon it will trigger a bowel movement, which nobody wants. Once the water is inside you wait for 15-20 seconds for it to work its magic and make your way to the toilet or shower, if you prefer. Without pushing too hard release the water out of your anus, remaining as relaxed as possible.

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Once you are finished, remember to give your anal douche a thorough rinse to avoid bacteria build up while it’s stored away. There are some great products specifically designed for cleaning sex toys on the market, but they can be expensive and hot water and a little soap does the trick. Just make sure you wash the soap off completely so that you don’t get a nasty surprise the next time you use it.

Shower Douche

Similarly to portable douches, you have a choice of multi and singular spout nozzle. However, most shower douches have a broad, multi spout nozzle. The main difference with a shower douche is that you need to keep an eye on how much water is inside you – as the water begins to fill you, it should cause a bit of pressure and you will start to get the sensation that your rectum is full.

Keep the water pressure to a minimum and as soon as you feel “full”; stop immediately. Again, once the lukewarm water is inside your body wait for 15-20 seconds. When you are ready gently release the water from your body. Remember, you aren’t trying to push anything out. Repeat until the water runs clear and then you are good to go!

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