The Ultimate Guide To Dirty Talk

August 10, 2018

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Dirty talk can be a lot of fun. It adds a bit of extra excitement into bedroom activities, and helps things not to go stale. Still, I would say that it is maybe the most difficult sexual thing to do well. To put it bluntly, it is something that if you do badly, you sound like an idiot, or even worse, a pervert.

So today, we are going to take a look at how to do it well. It will still be something you need to practice, and only with time will you get it mastered. But follow these rules and the chances are you will start to have a great time.

Talk About ItTry and Keep it Positive

Go with compliments like “you’re so sexy,” “I wanted you all night,” “you make me feel amazing.”. This is designed to make them person feel good about themselves, and isn’t about objectifying them. True you can get extra dirty in the future if that is something you BOTH want, but you need to reach that stage together. First things first, you need to make them feel sexy!

Don’t Fake it

You really have to try to make it sound believable. If your partner doesn’t have big boobs or a big dick, don’t tell them they have as if you do, they will know you are feeding them shit.

Also make it sound real. No meowing like a kitten or anything like that. Actually talk about the sex you are having.

Be Specific

Be careful of throwing out generic lines. Telling someone they are ‘really wet’ may sound good a few times, but there is a real danger that that if you do it regularly, the other person will know that they are stock lines.

Instead, talk about the sex you are having. Think how you like their body, and how they turn you on. Talk to them about how they smell or taste. This keeps it real, but hot also.


This is a big one. If they are talking to you, give at least a grunt in response. There is nothing worse than speaking into a vortex, and if you hear nothing back it will completely put you off doing it, as you might think the other person doesn’t like it.

As I said before, it will take time to do it flawlessly, but if you just relax, listen, and learn, then you really will bring something new and exciting into your bedroom routine.

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