Guy Gets 17 Hour Hard On!

October 10, 2014

When I visit an escort, I always worry about keeping my erection for a sustained period. The women are just so hot that I completely expect to blow my load before my time is up. It is so bad, that I usually have a wank an hour before I go. I always thought it would be impossible to have too long an erection. That is until I went on to the Huffington Post this morning whilst I was having my Muesli.

Jason Garnett from Harrogate, London ended up needing hospital treatment after having his hard-on for 17 hours. That’s right, 17 hours!

The 23 year old wasn’t too worried, but when it got to lunchtime and it was still up, then he realised there was a problem.

The Usual Tricks Don’t Work

The hotel worker then did the usual tricks like having an ice bath, and going for a jog. Alas, there was no improvement and he still had a huge boner.

Eight hours later, and still having the erection he told his room mate about his rather embarrassing problem.

“You should have seen the look on his face when I told him what was wrong,” Garnett told The Sun. “He was in hysterics at first, but then he realized how serious the situation was.”

Garnett was eventually taken to hospital, where he was diagnosed with priapism, which is a rare condition where erections don’t go away.

Hospital Treatment

Doctors had to drain two pints of blood from his penis to reduce the pressure on his organ. When that didn’t work, they had to inject him with 24 rounds of medication to bring the hard-on down.

“Seeing them stab my penis with a needle was a horrible experience, like something out of a horror film,” Garnett said “The pain was 10 out of 10.”

To be fair, that seems an absolute nightmare. Having your cock stabbed with a needle 24 times is something I seriously hope I never have to go through.

Now I have to say, if that did happen to me, I’m not sure I would be going to a national newspaper to talk about it. Imagine the reaction in the pub? I’m sure I would just stay in the house and never venture out!

There are numerous ways to make sure you stay hard for longer, but having a serious illness probably isn’t the most pleasant way of going about it. If you have any ideas for your fellow punters, let us know in the comments section below!

Fair play to Mr Garnett; he still seems to be smiling about the situation. That certainly shows he is ‘harder’ than most other guys.

Sorry, that had to be done!

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