What Happens When You Have Drunk Sex?

August 10, 2016

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It might be that you have had a really shit week at work, or maybe you just want to relax and have some fun with a drink? Either way, enjoying a drink or two seems like a good idea. If you also have sex on the table, it seems even better. A drink relaxes you. A drink can help you release your inhibitions. That means you can have some kinky drunk sex.

Of course, drunk sex also has a number of downsides to it. Sure, you feel more relaxed… but you also have other problems to deal with… like keeping it up and managing to keep going without falling asleep. These are all real problems that people have to deal with, but what exactly happens when you have drunk sex?

Bye bye, inhibitions!

As we have said earlier, when you have a drink, your inhibitions tend to go out of the window. You just stop giving fucks about the little things. Want to go and talk to that hot lady at the bar but scared she might reject you? A drink will calm your nerves and also make you that little bit more confident.

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You can hit the dance floor and dance like nobody is watching. You can do all of the things that you wanted to, thanks to drink. This can also help you if you are interested in trying something a little kinkier in the bedroom. Why? Because you are relaxed and at ease. However, trying things like BDSM when drunk is not a good idea. If something goes wrong, your reactions are slowed, and so you won’t be able to tell your domme in the same way.

And goodbye coordination!

The more alcohol you drink, the worse your reactions are. This means that, when you try to do things like walk across a room, you might just trip over and make a fool of yourself. Your coordination disappears, which can make things challenging in the bedroom.

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If you aren’t careful, you can end up doing yourself some real damage when you try to slide your cock inside of her. You might thrust too hard for her hole and miss, which will be extremely painful for you the next morning, as alcohol will numb the pain in the moment. Not a good result for drunk sex!

Limp dick

When you are feeling stressed, getting your cock to stand to attention can be a real challenge. It can leave you feeling really stressed out, which is why many people choose to instead enjoy a drink or two before they enjoy a little drunk sex. After all, getting drunk helps you to relax, right?

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The problem is that it can get you to relax way too much… especially if you have a lot to drink. In fact, studies have shown that heavy drinking has caused a number of problems in the bedroom… including the infamous whiskey dick. This is when you simply cannot get it up, or keep it up, for an extended length of time. It makes having drunk sex a hell of a lot harder.

It takes longer to cum

This one might sound like a hell of a win to you, but drunk sex can lead to you lasting longer in bed. Those with premature ejaculation issues might choose to get drunk on purpose, so that they can delay their orgasm for even longer. Of course, this can cause a huge host of other problems for you. For a start, you might actually struggle to get to orgasm at all.

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This means that you could be having the time of your life with a sexy lady. She could be moaning and groaning underneath you, cumming hard on your cock, and you? Well, you can’t cum. You want to. You really want to… but you can’t. You just can’t cum. Even worse, some people have reported that they have blown their load later on when the sex is over and everyone is feeling disappointed… all because alcohol had severely delayed your reactions.

Condoms and lube

Condoms are the key to having amazing sex, because you will always feel better about having a hot and passionate fuck if you know that you are both safe. Condoms protect you from STIs and STDs, while lube can help to make sure your cock slides easily into that tight hole.

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However, when you have a drink, you tend to be so eager to fuck and have some intense sex that you might forget about the important things… like lube and condoms. This means that your fun in the bedroom might turn into something that you will regret at a later date… so if you really want to have a memorable time for all of the right reasons, stay off the booze.

How bad is drunk sex?

On the surface it might seem as though drunk sex actually isn’t that bad. Sure, you are more likely to fall over and make a fool of yourself, but that is worth it if you can last longer in bed, right? However, the way that alcohol changes you isn’t always a good thing, especially when sex is on the cards.

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So instead of drinking way too much to let your guard down a little, you should actually talk to your partner about it. It might be that they can help you relax with a sensual massage. They might even have a few suggestions to help you last longer in bed, and you know that you will have fun with them trying out different techniques!

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