Hartlepool Taxi Drivers Warned Over Sex With Passengers!

March 6, 2014

Hartlepool taxi drivers were the recipients of a bizarre warning recently when they were told not to have sex with clients who couldn’t afford to pay the fare. This was after an unnamed driver had his licence revoked after being caught having sex with woman outside her home.

The statement read as follows.

‘I would draw your attention to one particular issue which was discussed at the AGM – the issue of what would constitute unacceptable behaviour by a taxi driver.

‘A driver had his licence revoked for having sex with a passenger in the back of his vehicle.

engagement in the car

‘I would ask you to ensure that any driver that works for you fully understands that any sexual contact with a passenger is unacceptable and is likely to result in the revocation of their licence.’
The letter finished with: ‘Any offers of sexual favours must be politely refused.’

Common Practice

One of Hartlepool’s major taxi firms told the Daily Mail it was common practice for women to offer sexual favours instead of cash when they were short of change.

The case in question arose when a lady couldn’t afford a fare, so offered to have sex with the driver in exchange.

One particular driver stated ‘It’s not uncommon for some of the lasses to offer the drivers things other than a fare when they make their way home from a night out.

‘We have heard a few tales like this one. Normally this type of request gets laughed off by the drivers, but obviously temptation got the better of one of the lads.’


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out why this kind of behaviour is being frowned upon. It is basically prostitution. The girls are offering their body’s in return for cash or a service. Dress it up how you want, but that’s prostitution.

The beauty of escorting is that you are paying for time and companionship. What goes on there is up to the two consenting adults, and doesn’t necessarily have to be sexual in nature. Many escorts actually enjoy meeting with clients who just want to chat and spend time with a beautiful woman.

This is very different to offering to give a blow job to a taxi driver because you have spent too much money on the ale on your night out. I am not even going to go into the debate on whether the girl would have to be so drunk so to raise questions as to whether real consent has been given.

A Decision to Make

Will the red blooded taxi drivers of Hartlepool pay attention to this advice or are they going to find themselves on the dole queue? Who knows?

It may be a better idea for them to contact one of the Newcastle escorts if they feel horny. Their discretion is assured and the guys won’t end up losing their job!

Seems a no-brainer to me!

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