Hot Female Football Star In Domestic Violence Shocker!

June 26, 2014

Women’s football is becoming more and more popular. Granted it doesn’t get the same attention as men’s footy, and probably never will. However, you will find the women’s game on the BBC whenever England are playing, and at major tournaments. This is definitely a good thing. Not for equality, but just because the games are decent.

Keeper In Legal Trouble

This is one of the reasons why the latest story coming out of America has gained such traction over here. American goalkeeper (and extremely hot young lady) Hope Solo was arrested early on Saturday morning for striking her sister and teenage nephew during a dispute at her home in a Seattle suburb.

Solo, 32, appeared “intoxicated and upset,” according to the police and her 17-year-old nephew and adult sister were visibly injured.

Solo is being held without bail in a local jail, on two charges of domestic violence assault in the fourth degree.

A Star

Hope has become something of a crossover star in the States, appearing on TV shows such as ‘Dancing With The Stars’, as well winning two Olympic gold medals on the football pitch.

This really isn’t going to be very good for her career. Though it has to be said, people can be very shallow. Hope Solo is so hot that you can imagine her becoming America’s sweetheart once again, regardless of the outcome of the case.

I may never get the chance to have a drink with this young lady (given the above story, that may be a good thing) but there are escorts in Manchester who are just as attractive.

It could be argued that they are safer company and all!

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