How A Small Penis Can Make A Big Impression!

July 16, 2015

I have said this hundreds of times, but I’ll say it again: size doesn’t matter. The only time it really does matter is when you don’t know how to use it, or you let your own self confidence get in the way of a good time.

Basically, even if your dick is the size of a mushroom, you can still have a great time in the bedroom and have some of the best sex of your life. We have a few tips for those wanting to know how to make the most of their cock, and just what you can do to make sure your penis makes a big impression.

Keep it clean!

There is one key way to make an impression with your penis, and that is by not keeping it clean. Far too many guys think that giving it a shake after you’ve had a piss is the best way of doing it, but if you are hoping to get some action, you need to learn to clean yourself properly.

In the shower, get some warm soapy water and rub it into your penis. Gently roll the foreskin back to make sure you get the areas where dirt might collect, as you definitely don’t want her to be sucking on your cock, only to get a mouthful of gunk from under the foreskin.

However, many might do this, only to skip cleaning the pubic hair and balls. Having really untidy pubic hair can make you look messy and can actually make your cock look even smaller amongst all of the hair.

If you are feeling brave enough, get it trimmed or even waxed or shaved off completely. This will make finding your cock a lot easier and make it easier to clean, so your partner will be more than happy to spend some time down there.

The 69 position

If you have a small penis, you will have noticed that the 69 position has fast become your best friend. One of the advantages of having a small penis is that she seems to enjoy sucking on it more, which means you get to continue to lick and eat her out.

Keep going with that. Get into the 69 position and really go for it, but when she starts to get closer to the edge, stop. Give her a little time to wind down before starting again.

Not only will this drive her mad, but by keeping her close to the brink of orgasm, it will be a lot easier to get her to come during sex. You will get to enjoy the feeling of her tight wet pussy clenching on your cock, and it will be a huge ego boost for you.

Being skilled at oral sex and other kinds of foreplay is a great way to show that, while you might not have a cock that could knock down a wall, you can make her orgasm, and that will be all that matters to her.

Find the perfect position

You might have been having sex for a long time with a small penis, and you might even have had previous girlfriends tell you that it just isn’t enough for them. This can be a huge blow to your ego, but there are so many different positions that you can try to make your penis feel bigger. By concentrating on the way you use it, your partner will find themselves reaching orgasm again and again. You can’t be disappointed about that, can you?

An absolutely favourite for those who aren’t as gifted in the cock department is doggy style, and this is one that the ladies will love too. Get her onto her knees before you and slide your cock into her pussy. It will instantly feel great for you both, but if it doesn’t you could always get her to lean forward more and to tighten her legs together. This makes her pussy feel tighter, making it easier for her to orgasm. You can squeeze her ass while you’re at it and reach around to rub her clit, making it even better for her.

Reverse cowgirl is one that many men love in the bedroom, as you get to watch your partner’s hot ass bouncing up and down on your cock. It is a position you often see in pornos, and it is a great one for those wanting to give their partner that full feeling. Get your partner to go slowly at first, so that you can thrust up into them at the right moment, and if they add a little grinding motion to it you will find both of you get to orgasm really quickly.

Another great position is to sit on the bed with your legs out in front of you and to lean back slightly onto your arms and hands. Your partner should then lie in front of you, putting her legs over your shoulder with a pillow to support her head. This position, with her legs close together and your cock thrusting up into her pussy, will be a hit with her, and it is a sex position you can easily get into.


One of the biggest turn offs for ladies is finding a man with a small penis who has absolutely no confidence in himself. Yes, you might feel that your cock won’t satisfy her, but that really doesn’t matter. You have so many other ways that you can please her, and honestly, a lot of women struggle to orgasm from sex anyway.

By working on the other ways that you can please her in the bedroom, such as oral sex or even finding the positions that work best for her, you’ll be able to leave a big impression on her, and she will definitely be happy to have you back in her bed!

What are you favourite sex positions to try with a small penis? Have you got a go-to position that makes her feel filled, or do you like to mix things up a little and try something new? Let us know in the comment box below.

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