Is The Teacher Sex Fantasy Dodgy?

October 8, 2018

A sexy teacher

Looking on the BBC website this morning I found the latest ‘teacher sex with student’ story. The allegation was that she had had sex with a student in a plane toilet. She strenuously denied the allegation, claiming it to be a ‘porn fantasy’ invented by the lad. By the time you read this, the case may well have been decided one way or another, and at the time of writing we are leaving that to the court.

It did get me thinking though; is the iconic teacher sex scene actually really dodgy?

The Real Scenario

Lets take a look at what actually happens. A teacher (usually female) has sex with the student. If that ever gets discovered, the best case scenario for the teacher is that they get struck off, and the worst (and most likely) is that the teacher ends up in prison. Could it be that the scene actually celebrates the abuse of a child?

It is fair to say that in the real world, this should never happen. If any teacher is caught doing this they should be in major trouble. So, is it OK to watch teacher sex porn?

Fantasy v Reality

A lot of porn is about fantasy. It isn’t what you would do in real life, it is about a look into the world which you fantasise about, but can’t or wouldn’t venture into.

Porn is usually done for men, and many of them will have fancied a teacher back when they were younger. Unable to fulfil that fantasy then, they scratch that itch with a trip to Pornhub. Come to think of it, the same could be said about women in the rarer male teacher scenes.

These people are likely to know the difference between reality and fantasy. They will surely be able to jerk off on the internet, and if their kid is ever in that position in reality, they will know that is a bad situation.

The power dynamic is a really interesting one here also. If the guy is the student, then he will be putting himself in the guy’s position. The reality of the scenario would be that the ‘kid’ was in no position to formulate properly in his head what was going on. They wouldn’t understand that they were being manipulated, and then likely to be bombed off at a later date causing serious emotional damage. However, by the time they reach adulthood they know it isn’t real, so are more looking at a hot ‘older’ woman taking charge.

That is slightly different to the ‘schoolgirl fantasy’ where the dominant man usually has power over the impressionable girl. Obviously every scene is different, but it is usually the ‘older’ character who is in charge. I will leave that debate for another day.

A Major Difference

Porn also has one big thing which is different; the male actors all above 18 or 21. You never see a 14 year old child getting into it. Obviously it is illegal to watch that, but the separation from childhood breaks the mental link between the sex act, and the abuse of a minor. You look at the ‘kid’, realise there is no way he should still be at school, and just roll with it as you are in fantasy land. I very much doubt most of the millions who watch these scenes would feel comfortable watching a more genuine depiction of what goes on in the stories that make the news.

In the end, this it comes down to the separation between fantasy and reality. If what you want is to watch underage kids have sex then you have serious problems. Watching older actors in a fantasy power-play situation is, in my opinion, no problem at all.

But is my analysis correct? Let me know in the poll below.

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