Is This The Hottest Teacher Ever to Have Sex With a Student?

October 5, 2015

We have all seen these female teachers recently who have been caught out sleeping with their students. For the most part they look all-right, certainly worth going with if you are a horny 15 year old. However, it is very rarely that you see one who is so attractive she should really be on the catwalk.

That was until this week when the case of teaching assistant Caroline Berriman came to our attention. The young lady had unprotected sex over 50 times with a 15 year old boy, who can’t be named for legal reasons.

It is alleged that Caroline, who had been tutoring the lad in maths and English approached the boy on Facebook and asked for his number. She first had sex with him five months into their relationship.

Speaking to Paul Keaveny of The Sun, the boy said: “We would call and text each other all the time and it got more and more into a sort of relationship. Then she started ringing me on weekends, asking if I was going round to hers.”

“It slowly got more serious. It got to a point where her daughter was calling me “dad”. I used to say to her ‘I’m not, I’m your mum’s friend’.”

The affair was only exposed when the boy told his brother, who then proceeded to grass him up to his Mum.



Well, it hasn’t ended up to well for Miss Berriman. She has been given a two year suspended sentence, 250 hours worth of community service, and has been told she can never contact the boy again.

OK, I have to say it, what the hell was she doing going with a 15 year old? She could have had any guy that she wanted. Hell, she could have had me…she still could for that matter!

Then again, we all know that if this was a guy having sex with a 15 year old girl he would be doing serious time. This does strike me as double standards. If women want equality, they should have equal rights when it comes to getting banged up.

But bloody hell, some would argue that that lad is the luckiest 15 year old in the world. At that age, I would never have let her out of bed.

Where were all these sex crazed teachers when I was a kid? I really feel that I have missed out.

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