Japanese Penguin Falls in Love with Keeper!

February 14, 2014

Love is a very powerful thing. Whether it is a mother to a child, a husband to wife or a girlfriend to a boyfriend, it is maybe the most priceless thing in the world. But have you ever heard of love from a penguin to a keeper? Me neither!

This is the story coming out of Japan. Ten year old female penguin Sakura is featured in a video following keeper Tsuyoshi Notsu around at the Matsue Vogel Park bird centre.

Joining in the fun Mr Notsu, starts running whilst Sakura gives chase, desperate to stay as close to him as she can. When Sakuru appears to fall over, she is actually assuming a breeding position! Sexy!

It appears the Sakuru’s mate died last year. She spent months looking for him, but seemed to give up in December. She then turned her attention to Notsu.

Like all great loves, there is jealousy attached. Sakura won’t let him go near any other penguins, and bites his hand if he tries to feed anyone else.

On a day like today, this story has really pulled at my heart strings. We hoped you enjoy the video below!

Happy Valentines Day everybody!

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