Joining The Mile High Club!

May 21, 2015

The idea of joining the mile high club is one that many like the sound of. It is a common sexual fantasy, and many put it second only to the idea of having a threesome. What is it that makes sex on a plane so appealing, and how can you join the mile high club?

The Mile High Club

Having sex is fun, but having sex on a plane is even better. You are usually surrounded by other passengers, all eager to get to their destination while you want to get off. You could go at it in your seat and run the risk of getting caught there, or head to the bathroom and try to both squeeze in, only to get caught there too.

The risk of being caught is one of the biggest turn ons for those seeking to join the mile high club. Saying that you managed to fuck passionately on a plane is a badge of honour because you have avoided being caught, you have avoided the risk and managed to make some great memories in the process.

However, because of the risk involved, not many are successful. They will get caught out, either because other passengers spot what they are up to or their antics can be heard by others.

Getting caught often lands you in a lot of trouble, usually with police meeting you off the plane and you getting a lovely chat with them about indecent exposure and things like that. So how can you enjoy sex on a plane without getting caught?

New thinking

It used to be that you simply had to take the chance and risk getting caught. Not long after Lawrence Burst Sperry invented autopilot in 1914, he decided to use it to fuck while flying. However, his cockpit fucking got so intense that the autopilot was knocked off and the plane crashed into a lake… leaving the two naked trying to explain what had happened.

It is very much the same for many when they are caught, and that you have to try and find some kind excuse for why your dick is in someone’s pussy. However, it seems that there is now hope for those out there eager to fuck in flight without getting in major trouble for it.

It seems that there are some airlines out there offering “mile-high club flights” for those wishing to join without getting caught. They offer you privacy for a fee, and you get the fulfil a fantasy without ending up in trouble with the police.

Not only do you get to fuck in the air, but you get to do so without worrying about other passengers watching you and reporting to you the staff on board. However, these trips can be expensive, so just why would you pay it?


One of the longest running mile-high club flights out there is FlamingoAir from Cincinnati. The business originally opened in 1991 as a mix of charter flights and mile-high club, although it now caters almost exclusively to the “flights of fancy” that people are seeking.

David MacDonald, the pilot who created it, spoke to Vice in an interview about the whole experience and what it is.

“We do not bill it as the mile-high club,” he said in his interview, “It’s billed as romantic airplane rides. You get one hour. You get a private, curtained-off aircraft. We take out a whole row of seats and it’s filled with big, fluffy cushions. You get champagne and chocolates and souvenirs and a very discreet pilot. And frankly, what goes on behind the curtains is no concern of mine!”

The things people get up to…

It all sounds like a lot of fun, actually, and the fact that they don’t care what you do behind the curtain makes it even better. If only that ethos could be applied to other areas of life, like the sex industry.

As it is, MacDonald talks about the kind of people he gets on his flights and just what they get up to. It seems that, of course, some cannot contain themselves. When talking about one particular couple, MacDonald says “they didn’t even make it down the runway. They were going at it. I just closed the curtain and off we went.”

However, it seems the rest of his clientele are very different to what you would expect. “Most of the folks who show up are middle-aged, straight-laced. I mean, you’d think they’d just stepped out of a Republicans Club meeting. Most of these folks are fairly well-to-do. They’ve got the disposable income. [The flight] is not that expensive – it’s $425. But it’s all part of how it’s marketed.”

Honestly, while it sounds steep can you imagine getting the chance to fuck in the air without getting caught? It would be great and you can see why people would be tempted to do it. So, would you consider joining the mile-high club if it was this easy, or would you save your money and simply risk getting caught?

You can tell us what you think by leaving a comment in the box below. Have you had sex in flight before, or have you any interesting stories about fucking on a plane? Let us know!

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