The Kiss – An Internet Sensation!

March 13, 2014

It is the latest internet sensation. ‘First Kiss’ is a Youtube video where 20 strangers meet for the first time, and, believe it or not, kiss.

The black and white video, directed by Tatia Pilieva has been described as ‘beautiful’, and ‘breathtaking’ by commenter’s the world over.

Maybe it is the fact that everyone on the video is good looking? Or maybe it is the complete awkwardness at the start from all involved? Either way it has captured the hearts of millions worldwide.


The awkwardness is telling. When strangers kiss, they are usually in a nightclub where everyone is already very drunk. The inhibitions are dulled by alcohol and people just act instinctively.

These people on the other hand, are completely sober. However, once they get into it, the kisses are passionate and rather sexy.

The average person is not normally at ease in this ‘kiss someone within five minutes of meeting them’ situation. That is why the Birmingham escorts are so popular. They have a real ability to put a client at ease as soon as the meeting begins. It certainly helps to make the time they spend together memorable.

We hope that has brightened up your day. It certainly brought a smile to everyone at XEscorts’ face!

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