Lara’s Guide To Having The Hottest Slow Sex!

January 11, 2019

Lara's Guide To Having The Hottest Slow Sex!

Variety is the spice of life. Sometimes you want to mix things up. Many of us can fall into a routine when it comes to sex, which is why switching positions and trying something new is a great idea. But one thing many of us forget to do is have slow sex every once in a while.

Sex doesn’t have to be frantic fucking to feel good. Sometimes, sensual and slow sex is just what you need. Slowing sex down can seem really boring though. It doesn’t have to be! Wondering how to do it without making it dull? Check out my guide below.

Massage their entire body

I am a sucker for a good massage. Whenever I’ve been in the mood in my past relationships, I’ve asked my partner to rub body lotion all over me. It’s given them a great hint for what I want, and it ensures that my entire body is covered by their hands. Honestly, there is no feeling quite like the slow tease from a sensual massage.

This is a great method to employ if you want to slow down sex a little. Get some lotion or massage oil and really take your time with it. Touch all of their body slowly, starting from their outer limbs and working your way in. Don’t touch their hot spots until they are practically begging for you to.

A massage is perfect for relaxing your partner and turning them on at the same time
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Turning them on isn’t just physical

You might think that each and every touch has to be delayed in order to enjoy slow sex. However, you’d be wrong. Slowing down sex isn’t just about being physically slow with everything that you do in the moment. It is about lengthening the pleasure your partner feels.

Part of this could be mental stimulation. You can turn your partner on without even touching them! Why not try sitting opposite one another and sharing sexy fantasies together? Dirty talk can also allow you describe what you’re about to do in detail. It’ll turn them on and lengthen sex without any touching taking place!

Dirty talk is the hottest way to turn your partner on without touching them!
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Enjoy foreplay for longer

This probably won’t be news to you, but a lot of women find that it takes them longer to warm up to sex. In fact, Promescent tells us that “the average man reaches orgasm in about 6 minutes, while women take closer to 20 minutes”. For them, foreplay should be longer. By extending the length of foreplay, you’re making it more pleasurable for your partner and helping to turn them on.

It’s actually really easy to extend foreplay if you are determined. I love teasing my partner in the build up to sex. Making them beg for it is one of the sexiest things in my mind, so I won’t even consider fucking them until I hear them ask for it. Try adopting this policy yourself and see how long they can last!

Foreplay is the best part of sex for many people
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Edging is your new best friend

If you have never tried edging before then you are missing out! Not only is it a great way to delay orgasms and make sex last longer, but it leads to more intense orgasms when done properly. It is well worth trying at least once in your life.

Unsure where to start? I’ve talked in the past about how edging works. Essentially, you bring yourself and your partner as close to orgasm as you can. Then you take a break. It allows you to make sex last longer and also learn more about your orgasms.

If you haven't tried edging before then you need to!
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Slow sex doesn’t have to be boring

I am a fan of all kinds of sex. Sometimes, there’s nothing better than a hard and fast fuck. Other times, you have to go some sensual and slow sex. It feels great for everyone involved and is a lot of fun when you slow it down properly.

Slow sex doesn’t mean lasting for hours on end. Even just extending your session by five minutes counts! Got some tips of your own you’d like to share? Leave them in the comments.

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