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December 31, 2013

With over a million people residing in the city of Birmingham, this is the largest city outside of the capital of England. Birmingham is not only one of the most historic locations in England, it also has a range of modern era buildings and places for people to visit. A lot of people have asked me to write about some of the best places to visit in Birmingham, but as you know, the choices vary from person to person. For one person, the museum would be the number one choice, while others would be more willing to explore the night life within the area. As a result, it is really a matter of personal preferences as to where you wish to go, because Birmingham has it all. From nightclubs to historic tombs, this city has everything.

The History of Birmingham

Obviously, the football culture is very popular in Birmingham. The local club, Birmingham City is one of the largest football clubs in the country, and has massive support from the fans. However, when you consider the history of Birmingham, sport wasn’t really one of the primary attractions at the time. There are evidences that settlements in Birmingham data as far back as 500,000 years. History states that people began to settle in Birmingham as early as the bronze age, while subsequent settlements in the Iron Age were also present.

Downtown Birmingham, AL

Numerous other settlements also managed to find shelter here, but it wasn’t until the 6th or 7th century until Birmingham became an actual settlement. Until 1166, Birmingham was one of the poorest and least developed areas in the region. However, it wasn’t long before markets were constructed in the area and a market town was developed in the region. Within a hundred years, Birmingham was one of the most populous and thriving areas within England.

When the Industrial Revolution hit England, a lot of the northern cities were more focused towards textile manufacture. The revolution hit Birmingham earlier than the northern cities; and unlike the lowly paid workforce which was mainly involved in textile manufacture, Birmingham followed a different pattern of highly paid and skilled workforce which utilized numerous economic techniques such as division of labour in order to create numerous workshops which were owned by the workers themselves. This allowed for greater diversity and innovation, which is why the number of patents were three times more than any other part of the city.


The famous Birmingham Blitz caused major damage in the area of Birmingham during the Second World War. However, after the war, extensive redevelopment plans were initiated in order to reconstruct the city, and numerous tower block estates were also erected. Currently, there are a number of places within Birmingham that tourists would love to visit.

Birmingham Tourism

One of the most famous places to visit in Birmingham is the Cadbury World, which provides an insight in to the famous chocolate brand. This is a self-guided tour experience with 14 different zones, each of which tell a story of chocolate and how it developed over the years. Another great place to visit in Birmingham is the National Exhibition Center, where are number of top exhibitions are held all around the year. The famous Birmingham Hippodrome is home to hundreds of different festivals, musical events and concerts all year round.
Those of you who are interested in aquatic life will find that the National Sea Life Center houses some of the most popular and rare sea creatures. Birmingham also has a number of different theaters, since the city puts a lot of focus on theatrical arts. The New Alexandra Theater is one of the finest places to visit in this regard. Other great places that you should definitely visit in Birmingham include the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, the Electric Cinema in Notting Hill, the Think Tank, the IKON Gallery as well as the Millennium Point. All of these are great attractions.

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Birmingham escorts

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