Lesbian Sex Tips You’ll Want To Know

December 10, 2015

Most of us will admit that there is nothing sexier than watching two sexy women rubbing their hands all over each other, passionately kissing and fucking to orgasm. Whether you are heterosexual or homosexual, you will find lesbian porn appealing. After all, it is the most watched porn of all time, and it only seems to increase in popularity as time goes by. We just can’t get enough of the hot lesbians touching each other all over, and so any lesbian sex tips we can learn from it are more than welcome.

Okay, so a lot of the lesbian porn we watch actually isn’t lesbian porn. It is simply porn videos featuring two women who happen to do the kind of things that men and women believe lesbians get up to. Yes, there are actually lesbian porn videos aimed specifically at those who aren’t lesbians… but because we spend so much time watching lesbians-who-are-really-straight porn, we are missing out on some great sex tips we can pick up from the real thing. Don’t despair! Here on XEscorts we take a look at some of the lesbian sex tips you’ll want to know.

Slow and sensual isn’t always the case

There seems to be a common theme to a lot of the lesbian porn you’ll find online. It will all be very slow and sensual, with a steady build up. The lesbians in the videos will take off their clothes carefully, one item at a time to tease each other, and every kiss will linger.

The reason for this is that the “porn” we stumble across has been created specifically for those who aren’t lesbian or bisexual to watch. They want us to see every moment, and lesbian porn looks different to us because other kinds of porn focus on being hot, sweaty, and passionate.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that all lesbian sex is slow and sensual. In actuality, it can be gentle and romantic, but it can also be hot and passionate fucking. We just tend not to see it on the screen.

Lesbians fuck. They, just like the rest of us, will have moments when they want to take control and show their partner just what they can do. They won’t want to tease their partner. Instead, they just want to get down to business… so we need to be able to adapt and change what we do in the bedroom in order to have some amazing sex.

That said, one person isn’t always the ‘top’

One of the biggest misconceptions about lesbian sex is that one person has to be the “man” in the bedroom. People seem to think that sex without a “man” dominating things is wrong.

It’s all because people think that sex without a penis is wrong, and that lesbians miss having a cock inside of them. Penetration isn’t key to sex or even to the female orgasm, because there are so many other things that you can do in bed.

Lesbian sex really isn’t that different to any other kind of sex. Some of us might hate taking control in the bedroom and prefer to give it all up, while others might like trying on different things in the bedroom to suit our moods and desires.

If you want to get some of the best lesbian sex tips, you should be willing to change and try things out in bed. You don’t have to always have the same role in bed if you don’t think it suits you or the kind of sex you want to have. Experiment and see what fun you can have.

It isn’t all pussy eating and finger fucking

Watching lesbian porn we can’t really blame you if you think that all lesbian sex involves is eating pussy and fucking each other with their fingers, because that is all we are shown.

However, there are so many other things that they do in bed, and you can use their great lesbian sex tips to find something that works for you. To start with, you don’t need to only focus on getting your cock into that sweet pussy when you have sex. If you do you might find that sex gets very repetitive.

Want some examples? Some lesbians love fisting. Many believe that fisting is just painful, but plenty of lesbians will tell you that the right level of communication will leave you feeling fucking amazing… and that isn’t the only thing they like doing.

Anal play can also be a big part of lesbian sex. Taking it up the arse doesn’t make you automatically gay like some people believe, as there are so many nerves up there you can have an amazing time with a little fun. Basically, don’t just do what is expected of you. Feel free to try different things.

Lesbian sex tips to take from porn

Of course, most of us will enjoy watching lesbian porn, and if there are any amazing lesbian sex tips we can take away from it, we will want to know. The main ones are written above, but they aren’t really the kind of things we see in actual lesbian sex.

Lesbian porn instead teaching us that we sometimes need to slow things down and take our time in order to give truly intense orgasms. They also show that foreplay is a big part of sex that we really shouldn’t be ignoring.

Our favourite lesbian sex tips to take away are the ones that involve just how much fun you can have in bed. Communication lets you know if what you are doing to your partner is working for them, while experimenting means you can try new things and give orgasms in new ways.

Are you a fan of lesbian porn or do you think it is overrated? Are lesbian porn and lesbian sex the same thing? Let us know what you think in the comment box below.

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