Would You Let Someone Analyse Your Sex Tape?

September 19, 2017

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Usually when you make a sex tape, it is for your own entertainment. It is private, something to enjoy with your partner when you are both feeling a little saucy, and can help to inject a bit of excitement back into your sex life! If someone else was to watch it, you’d feel uncomfortable… especially if they were to start giving you tips based on what they have seen.

Being analysed for your sex tape sounds like a nightmare, but this is actually what will happen for some couples thanks to a new TV show. The show gives couples the chance to address issues in their relationship, using their own sexy home movies as a way for specialists to analyse. But would you be comfortable enough to let someone watch your home porno and then tell you what you are doing wrong?

Sex Box with a twist

You may have heard about the controversial Channel 4 show, Sex Box. The show aimed to get more people having open and honest conversations about their sex lives, and the minds behind the show knew that people are much more honest about sex when they have just had.

So naturally they decided that the best way to get people talking about sex was to stick them in a box on-stage to fuck and then sit them down afterwards so that they can talk about all of the kinky things that happened.

For most people, the idea of having sex in such a public way is a bit of a turn off. Although the audience doesn’t see what happens inside of the box, the very thought of people knowing that you’ve been fucking and are now going to talk about it is a bit strange.

Reviews on the show were pretty mixed, with some stating that it wasn’t quite the shocking show they were expecting. After all, we have no idea what happens inside of the box. We have only the words of the couple for it.

It seems like it was only a matter of time before someone came up with another idea for a show with a similar premise. However, instead of getting couples to fuck in a box, they do it in front of a camera for specialists to analyse.

Sharing your sex tape

This new show, which follows a similar format to the one seen in Sex Box, is imaginatively called Sex Tape. The idea behind this show is that couples will create a number of different sex tapes throughout the course of a week. The couples will then sit down with a sexpert, as well as other couples, to talk about things they have seen and debate any potential relationship issues they have spotted.

It seems to be escalating the shock factor we have seen in Sex Box, since we will now know what people are doing during sex instead of having to guess. However, this isn’t a comfort to some people.

To many, sex is a very private thing. Yes, the idea might be that they discuss relationship issues, using the tape as a way to showcase these problems. However we imagine that it is instead going to be a lot of analysis of sexual technique… which isn’t going to be great for couples who struggle to talk about sex in the first place.

The show allows analysts to see what happens during sex using the sex tapes, which fixes one of the

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Why do we make sex tapes?

Not everyone feels comfortable making a sex tape for a number of reasons. For a start, it requires a lot of trust. Revenge porn is unfortunately a very real risk when you make one, and so you have to be certain that your partner isn’t going to go sharing it around without your consent.

There is also the fact that you will be fucking on video, and that there will be no hiding. If someone feels uncomfortable with their appearance during sex, filming them is going to be a challenge. They might not feel as though they are ready for it, or that they’d rather not see themselves in the middle of the act.

So why do people make these tapes in the first place? It is a lot of fun to make one, especially if you take the time to watch your favourite porn for inspiration. You might spot some sex moves you’d like to try or even a new position that you just can’t resist giving a go!

You’ll find that both you and your partner will exaggerate your movements and the noises you make, so that when you watch the video back you get even more turned on. You could watch it again and try to recreate what you did, or you might decide to improve upon it and try new things. It is kinky sex without stepping too far outside of your comfort zone.

Sharing sex tapes can feel a little weird

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Would you do it?

Personally, I don’t think I would be comfortable sharing a sex tape with someone other than the person I made it with. Sex is personal, and I’d rather talk about it with my partner than invite others to join in and analyse every move that I make.

But that is what the new show aims to do. They will be asking people to share their sex tapes to help them up their game in the bedroom. But will the show be a success?

We’re not so sure, so tell us what you think by leaving a comment in the box below. Would you be happy to share your sex tape with other couples and a sexpert in order to help you tackle relationship problems? Or would you rather keep things between you and your partner?

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