Light Boxes Could Help Improve Your Sex Life

September 22, 2016

Light Boxes Could Help Improve Your Sex Life

If your sex life is a bit shit, you’ll want to do everything in your power to try and make it better. You’ll want to experiment with new sex positions, kinky new games, and toys that you can use to improve your sex life. However, it seems that there is one tool in particular that can really help. Light boxes are appearing in bedrooms everywhere and could give you a better sex life.

Light boxes are used by people for a number of reasons, but scientists have discovered that using them can actually help men gain more sexual satisfaction in the bedroom. How does it work? We take a look at the science behind the sex here on the XEscorts blog.

What are light boxes?

Light boxes are, as the name suggests, boxes that emit a light. They are used in a number of different ways, with some simply to help slowly wake you up in the morning. However, the most common use for it is to aid with depression.

The lights, which are roughly 10 times the intensity of the lights you might have in your home, simulate exposure to sunlight. It helps to deal with trouble sleeping, mood, and appetite… as well as your sex drive.

Usually the light box treatment is used for those with Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, to try and help combat the change in mood in the winter when there isn’t as much sunlight. Using the box can give them the light that they need to be in a better mood, and it has an impact on a number of other areas of our lives.

Science and sex

The University of Siena in Italy decided that they wanted to see how using light boxes could help men who had been diagnosed with a number of disorders, many of which caused a lack of interest in sex. Their sex drives were pretty much non-existent, and this was really having an effect on their lives.

The study looked at 38 people, giving half of the group a light box and the other half one that didn’t give out as much light. Each participant received half an hour each morning for two weeks. They then compared the scores between the beginning and the end, as well as the scores between the control group and the test group. The results were fantastic.

Those who had been given the fully working light boxes really felt the benefits of them. Within the two weeks, these participants reported that their sexual satisfaction was a lot greater than the control group. While those in the control group stayed the same, those in the bright light group had triple the levels of satisfaction than they did when they first started the study.

What caused it?

When the scientists began to look into the effects of the light boxes in more detail, they found that those receiving the best treatment all had a similar experience. In their bodies, the levels of testosterone were increasing, and the scientists believed that the boost was causing the dramatic change in the sex drive of all participants.

While many have suggested that the increase in testosterone could simply be the same between both groups, the results speak for themselves. There was no increase for the control group, who were not given anywhere near as much light, while the people who had the active light treatment had a huge increase. They went from around 2.1 ng/ml for their testosterone levels to 3.6 ng/ml. This showed that it worked.

The higher levels of testosterone basically meant that the men showed much more interest in sex with their partners, and so when they did jump into bed together, they enjoyed it so much more!

Light box treatment and the alternatives

It might seem like a very simple kind of treatment, but the light boxes do seem to work for a number of reasons. The results above were seen in just two weeks of treatments. It is easy to picture how much better your sex life and your sex drive could be with even more use of a light box.

However, half an hour each morning when you first get up? Not many of us have the chance to do that. In fact, very few of us have the time to spare for this. We’d much rather try a sexy new outfit or a complicated sex position from the Kama Sutra to kick things off in the right way.

But what do you think? Would you be happy to spend half an hour of your day sitting in front of a light box to try and help your sex drive, or would you rather take a more active approach? You can let us know what you think by leaving a comment in the box below.

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