London Is The Orgasm Capital Of The UK!

April 11, 2017

Famous Tower Bridge in the morning, London, England

People like to spend time in London for a number of different reasons. As the capital of the UK you’ll find many great tourist spots to visit, many of which are perfect for a unique date. There are also some of the best restaurants, hotels, and shops here for you to visit. But it seems that there is another reason you should be in London, and it is all about your orgasm.

It seems that living in London is best, as it has become the orgasm capital of the UK. What does this mean? How does a city become the orgasm capital? We take a look at how this has happened here on the XEscorts blog.

Sex in London

Living in London is pretty expensive. It costs more to live in the big city than it does anywhere else in the UK… but the number of unique spots for you to visit makes it one of the hottest places to go… especially on a date.

Places such as the sex cinema have opened up, giving you somewhere fantastic to go and enjoy porn… much like you used to. You’d go to this cinema to enjoy erotic content on the big screen, with the hope that it would show that there is more to sex that simply something to jerk off to.

With so many hot locations like this in the city, and plenty of sex toy stores and adult shops for you to visit, it is easy to see why some might name London as the sex capital of the UK.

A study in sex

There have been so many sex studies conducted over the years to look at sex. We want to know everything about it, from the most dangerous sex positions to the average number of times we have sex and the average times we orgasm while having sex.

So it shouldn’t be surprising that there was yet another study into our activities in the bedroom. Durex decided that they wanted to know as much as possible about the things we get up to in the bedroom. This meant talking to couples and finding out just how much we have sex.

They interviewed a total of 2,000 people from all areas of the UK. They wanted to know not only how much sex they are having, but also if you are going to have better sex based on where you live. Turns out that you just might!

The orgasm capital

London is the orgasm capital of the UK. Why? Well, Durex discovered that 71% of Londoners are getting orgasms at least once a week. Considering the national average sits at 62%, this is a hell of a difference.

It seems that people living in the capital find it easier to enjoy orgasm after orgasm, while those living in the rest of the country after left feeling a little unsatisfied. By what has happened in bed.

Perhaps the most worrying thing about it is the number of people who confessed to faking it. It seemed that, while people in London are having more sex, they are also more likely to fake an orgasm. In fact, over 17% of those surveyed stated that they would fake it “at least once every seven days”, while the average for the rest of the UK came out as once every ten days. Yikes!

Closing the gap

It seems that there really is an orgasm gap if so many women are keen to fake it… so how do you fix it? You can start by taking a look at the XEscorts advice blogs we have written! They cover everything, from sex positions and sex tips to the best toys and games you need to try.

Not enough for you? Why not join in the discussion in the box below? The comment box gives you the chance to talk to others like you and discuss the different things you have tried in bed. Found something that works well? You can tell others and share your knowledge, or simply read the comments for the latest tricks.

Are you living in London right now? Do you believe that sex in the capital is better than anywhere else? We want to hear from you, so let us know what you think. Is London really the orgasm capital of the UK, or is it simply a coincidence that more people seem to be having orgasms there?

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