How To Make Your Penis Bigger!

February 20, 2014

Lets get something straight, most guys want to have a bigger willy. For many, it is the ultimate sign of their manhood and a tool that can be used to make every woman scream with pleasure.

There is a problem though. Unless you are a mug who is willing to waste your hard earned cash on ‘magic’ pills or penis pumps, then everyone is pretty much in agreement that you can’t do much to make it bigger.

You can however make a bigger ‘impression’ with your little friend.

This is why your buddies here at XEscorts have put together a three-point guide on how you can make your penis ‘bigger’.

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Here Goes.

1) Improve Your Health

It is all about impressions. If you smoke or drink heavily, then your body won’t give off any sense of vibrancy. If you look fit and full of life, then your penis will naturally look bigger to the opposite sex.

I know a lot of you out there will be thinking ‘wow, what a load of garbage’, but this is basic human phycology, dating back to caveman days when the woman would be looking for the best possible mate.

Trust me, improve your health. It works!

2) Lose Weight

This one is probably a bit more basic. If you have a big gut then guess what? Your penis isn’t going to look as big!

Those burgers and fizzy drinks can hide those first few inches of your little fellow. Also, it just won’t look as big when compared to the rest of you. It’s basic maths!

So hit the gym and change your diet. You will definitely look bigger!

3) Improve Your Posture

Once again, it is a case of how big it ‘looks’, not how big it actually is.


If you are crouched over your willy will look smaller. Most of us will have a bad posture, due to work factors, such as sitting at a computer.

However, if you stand up straight, then your penis will look more prominent.

So there we go. We hope you found it useful.

Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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