Five Tips To Make Male Masturbation Sensational

November 7, 2018

man masturbating at his computer

Masturbation is something most guys do. If you are like me, you will treat it as a quick 2-minute job when you are waking up in the morning or trying to get to sleep after a long day. It can often seem like a means to an end; just a way of getting off whilst there is no sex to be had at that particular moment in time. However, we often don’t realise how it can be fun in its own right if we do it correctly.

That is why today we are going to bring you guys five ways to make masturbation even better. Try these things out and you will change the way you look at the most individual of pleasures.

1) Edging

Most of us have seen this in porn. This is where the orgasm is delayed, with stimulation given, then taken away as you get close.

Do this three or four times before you orgasm, and the eventual moment will be something else.


2) Change Hands

The majority of guys will masturbate with their dominant hand. However, if you do it with the other one, that will feel very different indeed, making things a lot more exciting.


3) Use a Fleshlight

This really is the big revolution in the sex toy industry; something that was seen as the sole domain of women for decades.

For those who don’t know, this is a handheld column that you slip over your penis to simulate the feel of real vaginal or anal sex.

They come in all shapes and sizes. Porn stars even mould their pussies and sell the resulting fleshlights online, so you can make it feel like you are having sex with them.


4) Start at The Base

Have you heard of the epididymis? Well, if you haven’t, this is located at the very base of your penis, between your shaft and your scrotum, and is actually where your sperm is stored.

If you massage this area while you masturbate, then you will get new sensations that will make your special time even more special.


5) Rub Your Balls

We often concentrate too much on the penis during masturbation. This is why you should bring the other fellas into play.

Everyone is different so how hard you want to rub is up to you. Some will like it harder, others will want a tickle. Either way it will add a new level of stimulation enhancing the experience.


So, there we have it. If you follow some of these tips, masturbation will become not only something you do to keep things ticking over, it will become an incredible part of your sexual life.

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