Man Acquitted of Sticking Finger up Girl’s Bum During Sex

March 9, 2018

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A man who was accused of sticking his finger up a woman’s bottom during sex has been cleared of sexual assault at Leeds Crown Court this week.

Scott Howard was found not guilty of assault by penetration, prompting cheers from the public gallery.

The 26-year-old Huddersfield man had been accused of sexually assaulting the woman while she was on top of him during sex in March last year.

Agreed Intercourse

Opening the trial, Richard Woolfall, prosecuting, said: “She agreed to sexual intercourse with him.

“In doing that act, he then put his finger up her bottom.

“It was painful. She told him to stop.”

Woolfall said that this continued for several minutes until she got off him and asked him why he did not stop.

During the police interview the woman stated  “He was, like, trying to convince me that nothing had happened – that I was going totally crazy.”

She said he had been trying to convince her to have sex for hours, and had no idea why she had got on top of him, describing herself as ‘easily influenced’.

John Batchelor, defending, said: “But then your mood suddenly changed.”

The woman replied: “When he inserted his finger and it hurt, yeah.”

In tears, she added: “Normally when you are having sex you are supposed to stop if someone says no.”

Mr Batchelor asked the woman if she had gone as far as accusing Howard of rape afterwards, to which she replied that ‘she could not remember’.

He asked: “Did you feel at that point that you had simply let yourself down and felt used?”

She replied: “No.”

Howard denied he had stuck his finger up her bottom, but did admit to having consensual sex.

Obviously I am not going to stray into this case in-particular. The jury have made a decision, and what actually went on is only known between these two. However, it does go to show that EVERY sexual activity needs to be discussed. This is extra important in the escort industry where you are meeting someone for a one off sexual encounter.

The Importance of Consent

During sex it is normal to want to try new things. Also if you have done something before with another person and they liked it, it is natural to want to bring that into your current repertoire. However, with both these scenarios you have a very real danger that the other person may not like what you have done and feel they have been assaulted. Anal penetration is one of these actions.

When you meet an escort, or if you are with a woman in general, if you want to start doing a bit of anal play, you had better bloody ask. If it isn’t liked you will have at best ruined the sexual experience, and at worst could find yourself up on a charge of sexual assault.

Sex is the ultimate two way street (or it should be). The moment you veer away from that you could leave someone feeling violated. That is obviously not a good thing.

As I said above, this is not a comment on the actual case. I have no idea where the guy stuck his finger and probably don’t want to know, but it should act as an eye opener for us all.

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