Man Caught Jerking Off In Walmart!

June 19, 2014

A man in Tulsa, Oklahoma was arrested earlier this week for allegedly masturbating in the middle of a Walmart superstore.

It is alleged that overly horny Derek Bennett, 26, exposed himself and began playing with himself, and in doing so, was captured on a surveillance camera.

A Quick Getaway

Upon finishing, it seems that Bennett then drove away in his grey Hyundai. It was at this point that police took two witnesses to the traffic stop, where they reportedly identified Bennett as the suspect.

To his credit, poor Derek admitted to what he had done, but seriously didn’t think anyone had seen him.

Well, unsurprisingly this excuse didn’t go down that well, and Mr Bennett currently sits in a Tulsa jail in lieu of a $10,000 bond.

We have all got really horny at one time or another, and it seems that Derek Bennett just couldn’t control his urges any longer. It appears that he wasn’t trying to offend anyone; he just needed to jerk off.

A Better Option

That won’t stop him getting into a bit of trouble, but it certainly beats masturbating in front of everybody in the fruit and veg aisle.

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It certainly beats getting done by the police and ending up as a news story on XEscorts!

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